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What the Broncos Said About the Bolts

The Chargers take the field in royal blue for the week 6 divisional matchup against the Broncos.

On Philip Rivers…

"Philip did a great job of staying tight in the pocket and not dropping back too deep and getting the ball off. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League and he went out and showed it today." – LB Von Miller

On the Chargers' Defense…

"I said that going in they have a heck of a front. You have to give them credit. [Just] like we talked about all week, it was a tough game because I knew they had lost a bunch of close games and they just hadn't closed out, but they closed out tonight." – HC Joe DeCamillis

"Give a lot of credit to San Diego. They did a good job mixing up looks and they played well all across the board." – QB Trevor Siemian

On the Chargers' Offense…

"I thought they did try to follow a little bit of the tempo [Atlanta used last week], but they run a lot of crossers and things to mess up the man. That guy [Philip Rivers] is a great player. They did a lot of things to hurt the man coverage and we adjusted and I thought we shut them down." – HC Joe DeCamillis

"They tried to do a little bit what Atlanta did. They didn't show anything too different. Every offense's first 15 plays are going to be scripted. I think that is when they showed the most unique things" – LB Brandon Marshall

"They had a great game plan. Shout out to their coaches and Philip Rivers. They did a great job today" – CB Chris Harris Jr.

"Whether it's the first drive, second, third, fourth or at the end of the game, if you give up a certain amount of points, there's only those amount of points for the whole quarter. So it doesn't matter when they score, but you're right, we do have to limit guys from scoring on the opening drive. They're building momentum and it's working against us" – Safety TJ Ward

On the Chargers' Fast Start…

"They jumped on us early offensively. They played well. I think we came back and we responded well but we couldn't get any points on the board or anything going until late" – LB Brandon Marshall

"I'm trying to [figure out the reason for the slow start]. I can't figure it out yet, but we've got to go see what's going on on the film. Personally, I think it's just the lack of intensity starting the game" – Safety TJ Ward

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