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What the Broncos are Saying about the Bolts

Take a look at who the Bolts will face for this week's divisional matchup in Denver.

Notable comments from the Denver Broncos in the lead up to the Week 6 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Joey Bosa….

"He's obviously a big, strong, powerful man and at least part of those stats were by effort. They were extended plays and he kept playing. That's one of the things you certainly applaud for a young player, especially coming out of college. Some of them that I've seen don't play nearly as hard as they're used to. He plays hard. He's got great length and strength. He will certainly be a handful and has the talent to warrant that high draft pick" – Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

On Philip Rivers' Play….

"It's going to be a challenge, obviously, anytime that you play Phillip Rivers. He's great. We had a chance to practice against him when I was at Dallas. An unbelievable competitor and an unbelievable talent. After seeing him practice, I know why he is as good as he is." – Interim Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis

"(His success in spite of injuries on the team is) why I have so much respect for him, besides that he's a great competitor. He's a real talent. He has been for a long time. He continues to be that. I don't know what it is; every week we get a quarterback that's throwing for 300, 400, 500 yards the week before, and he's another guy that's an elite quarterback. Every week we've played somebody like this—not quite like him. Obviously he does some different things, but he's a great competitor and a really great quarterback." – Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips

"Philip Rivers, he's the head of it. That's the way the San Diego Chargers have always been. They've always been able to score points and put up rushing yards and big passing yards. It's always tough going and playing down there. Every single game we've played in San Diego has gone down to the wire… This year, they have a couple of injuries that have crippled the offense a little bit, but still they have been able to be productive." – Outside Linebacker Von Miller

On Philip Rivers "Trash Talk"….

"Different quarterbacks act differently in different ways. You can tell Tom Brady is fired up when he throws a touchdown pass. If you're on the other side, you go, 'Oh man, what a jerk.' But he's just a competitor. They're competing all the time, and that's why they're so good. They're so competitive." – Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips

"It's not anything too serious. It's actually exciting. You've got a guy that's going to throw a 20-yard pass and holler at you a little bit after the play. It's kind of motivating and that type of fun, competitive nature makes the game great. We've got a great division in the AFC West and the Chargers and the Chiefs and the Raiders they make it great. Quarterbacks like Philip, those are the type of guys that make it great." – Outside Linebacker Von Miller

On Chargers Defense….

"They do a lot. They're a good group. They do a lot of things schematically and throw a lot at you. They have some injuries, but that goes for everybody right now it seems like. They're an athletic group that has a nose for the football. They're around the ball. It'll be important that we take care of it this week" – QB Trevor Siemian

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