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What Richard Sherman Told Casey Hayward About Gus Bradley

After a full season of intense battles each Sunday, the league's top stars are enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere this week at the Pro Bowl in Orlando.

For Casey Hayward, that means getting intel on his new defensive coordinator.

So, who better to ask than a fellow cornerback who emerged as one of the league's true superstars under Gus Bradley's watch?

Richard Sherman broke out in a big way playing for Bradley in Seattle. Down in Orlando, the Seahawks' star approached Hayward to let him know what he is in for.

"I talked to Sherman this week, and he just said, 'Man, you are going to love this guy! You are going to be willing to run through a wall for him because that is the type of person he is.' That got me real excited.  He said he is really good for a cornerback because he will mix things up. He'll play some (cover) three, he'll play some man.  He said Gus will mix things up and bring different pressures."

Hayward pauses for a moment and lets out a chuckle.

"You know, it’s the same thing (Brandon) Mebane told me," he said. "I'm just excited to get to work with Gus and learn his new system. He is going to have everyone in the right spot and play sound football.  As a defense, that's what it's about!   So I think he is going to change some of what we do, but he will adopt some of the things that we do well."

Hayward isn't the only Pro Bowl cornerback on the Bolts roster eager to play for Bradley.  Jason Verrett made the annual all-star game in 2016, but missed most of last year with an ACL injury.  Now, he's eager to take the field under him in 2017.

"The history of Gus is that he created the Legion of Boom," Verrett said. "So obviously I'm excited to play for him.  It's exciting to have a player's coach like him.  I'm cool with (Jaguars WR) Allen Robinson, so I did some homework on him. He spoke highly of Gus, and what kind of coach and person he is. He's going to bring a lot of fire, intensity and swag to our defense.  I'm hyped to see what that's going to be like.  I can't wait."

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