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What is the NFL Saying about Philip Rivers?

Notable comments from around the league about quarterback Philip Rivers:

"(I've) always admired Philip and he's a great passer of the ball. I think he does a great job of finding the receivers, the tight ends, he spreads it around. He's got a lot of confidence back there. He's really not fazed by much. He has kind of seen everything. I love watching their offense play. I think they do a good job involving everybody and Philip is always standing in there making the throws. That's really what you look for and he does a great job of that. He's a great player." –Patriots QB Tom Brady

"The one thing with Philip Rivers (is), when I was with Kansas City I was playing the Chargers twice a year (and found out) Philip always bounces back.  He might have a tough week.  But the next week, you better watch out.  He can definitely light it up.  That's just the type of player he is.  He's a tremendous leader.  He gets the most out of his players and makes everybody around him better.  That's obviously what I expect from him this weekend." – Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson

"Philip Rivers remains one of the top quarterbacks in the league.  He does a great job with their offense.  So it's a big challenge coming in….  I've seen him long enough.  I've got a lot of respect for him and I think he does a heck of a job.  Even when he's had receivers hurt in the past, he's always remained very dangerous." – Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"I have the utmost respect for him and all that he's done throughout his career. Every single time that we've had to play him it's been an absolute battle. So this guy has done an unbelievable job to learn.  He's obviously very smart, puts himself in great situations throughout the game, controls a lot from the game standpoint and really just a phenomenal guy. Look, I still remember him coming out here and his knee was all banged up, it was the AFC Championship Game and that guy played as tough as anyone I've ever seen. I have the most respect for him, absolutely." – Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia

"You're probably not going to surprise him.  He's been doing this a long time.  The thing that kind of amazes me about the guy is that it doesn't matter who you put in with him, he's going to come in and say, 'We're going to get after it.'  No matter who is playing for him, or who he's playing against, that's how he approaches a game." –Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

"He's special. He makes every player around him better. He's a great face of a franchise and the Chargers are very fortunate to have a player like that. Anybody that has a Hall of Fame quarterback that does so much—everyone wants to read about this vehicle he's purchased, well that's Philip… (He'd get in at) at 5 o'clock every morning. That's nothing new to him. He prepares like no other, and he's an even better human being. He's a great person and he's a great leader of an organization. He's a Hall of Fame player and he's a special person." – Broncos OC Mike McCoy

"In my mind, Philip is an elite quarterback in this league.  He's proven it over a lot of seasons.  He can do it all. Make all throw throws.  Great leader.  Mentally and physically as tough as they come. He's just an excellent player in every way." – Eagles Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich

"Philip is one of the great quarterbacks since he stepped into the league.  He's a guy that's a leader regardless of their record or their team.  He always rallies the troops.  I love playing against him.  He's fun to play against. He challenges you in every way possible." – Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson

"His smarts and his wits as a quarterback are almost unmatched." – Broncos OLB Shaquil Barrett

"He's very bright. I think he understands the game. I think he's been around a long time and he's seen a lot. He understands how to bring his information, his experience to the field. He's aware of what's going on, situations, down and distance, what's going on with your defense, what you're talking about. He listens. It's important to be a good listener. When you listen well and you watch and you're able to put your wisdom of experience on the field and have it carry over, there's no question about why he's been able to play at a high level for a very long time." – Raiders Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

"He's a premiere quarterback.  He's been doing it for a while.  He can make big plays, and he's going to get out there and lead his team….Once he gets in a rhythm, that's something you don't want (to see)." – Giants DE Olivier Vernon

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