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What Did the Cowboys Say After Losing to the Bolts?

On Philip Rivers….

"Phillip Rivers was outstanding the whole game… The quarterback is outstanding. You try to different things when you play a guy like this. You try to man, you try to pressure him and try to do things different ways and I don't know if it was one thing they tried to play man coverage and they beat us at different times and they beat us in different ways. I thought they did a good job protecting him. He always does a great job getting the ball out and they do a good job getting guys outside." – Head Coach Jason Garrett

On Struggling Against Chargers' Defense….

"We're in a funk, or whatever you want to call it. It's not fun to be in. We just have to figure ways to get out of it." – QB Dak Prescott

"Offensively the performance wasn't up to par. It wasn't enough to match what they were doing on their side of the ball." – Head Coach Jason Garrett

"Mentally and emotionally, it hurts. We didn't envision this four months ago, we didn't envision this four weeks ago. But that's where were at… When you have these kind of games, it's easy to try to point to one thing, but I think collectively our offense hasn't got going. We're just behind the chains too much and we're not able to make enough plays." – TE Jason Witten

"I thought it was going better than it was, and it just felt different. So, I guess we'll just have to go back and check it out." – C Travis Frederick

On Keenan Allen….

"Keenan Allen is a great player. He and Phillip are certainly on the same page. He made a lot of little play and certainly played a good game as well."" – Head Coach Jason Garrett

On Chargers' Offense….

"You know when you're playing a team, you know they're behind, you know they've got to call certain plays and do certain things (in) certain situations. We didn't put them in those situations. We didn't keep them in those situations. We didn't make them one dimensional. We just weren't playing good." – DT David Irving

"They had done a good job controlling a lot of the first half, and we weren't able to sustain enough offensively. They were consistently able to convert some third downs and able to keep their drives alive, particularly their passing game." – Head Coach Jason Garrett

On Struggling Without RB Ezekiel Elliot ….

"I'm surprised. We all know it shouldn't be that way. Zeke's important. Zeke makes it better, but to a man around here, we'd all say it shouldn't be to this degree at all." – Owner Jerry Jones

* "At different times in the past we've had players not available to us, and we just have to respond to it the right way, put the next guy in there and somehow, someway you've got to keep moving along and have to do a better job at that. Obviously Zeke is a really good offensive player for us, but we have confidence in Alfred and Rod Smith. We'll keep giving them opportunities and we'll keep trying to find ways to put them in a position where they can help us." – Head Coach Jason Garrett*

"If you're point your finger at the reason we're not having success is another guy, or this or that, then you're not going to get in this league. The last thing that I am doing is pointing a finger and saying we need this guy, or we need that to happen. We just have to figure out what is going on and get out of this funk." – QB Dak Prescott

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