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What Did the Browns Say After Losing to the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Cleveland Browns after the Chargers' 19-10 victory:

On the sack-strip by Joey Bosa…

"I stepped up in the pocket and extended the play. I went through my scramble drill where I am looking down the field to see multiple guys. I didn't have an eye on  (Joey) Bosa. I took a tackle and dropped the ball." – QB DeShone Kizer

On Philip Rivers…

"Philip Rivers is a Hall of Famer. His ability to get the ball out quick and his ability to drive the team the way he did is something that I look to emulate in my future here in the NFL." – QB DeShone Kizer

"He makes plays. He throws the ball on spots and understands where his guys are going to be and they make plays to continue drives. That was the difference, them making plays and us not making plays. Honestly, that's what it is. You have a seasoned quarterback making plays and you have a young guy that is playing his tail off as hard as he can play and having to feel that pressure and having to make those in critical times and we're just not making those right now." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

"(He's) smart. He always knew where the open spots were in the defense. He knew how to get his players there. He's been doing it for a long time... (His quick release) is what good quarterbacks do, especially him.  He is known for getting it out right before on a quick release and he is able to escape sometimes." – DL Myles Garrett

On the Chargers defense…

"The Los Angeles Chargers have some great pass rushers on the side that we have been focusing on all week. I did a pretty good job containing them for most of the game. When you get into a position when you are down by a couple of points, you try to make things happen. You are going to try and hold the ball a little longer to put guys in a position to make better plays." – QB DeShone Kizer

On Josh Gordon's return…

"He made some plays. It was his first game back and it looked like he belonged. He has some rust that he needs to knock off but I thought he competed." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

"We did a bunch of research and understood the guy he was. I talked quite a bit with him. I found different opportunities to get him the ball. I want to continue to push that and spend a lot of time with him in practice. I want to develop our relationship and chemistry to make sure that he makes more plays than he made today." – QB DeShone Kizer

"It was just fun. It was really exciting just to do it in front of the family and some fans. It was great to just get back out there in the swing of it." – WR Josh Gordon

On QB DeShone Kizer…

"Feel like DeShone did some good things but some other things that he wish he had back. He has been in several situations and he can tell you that he shouldn't take a sack there, he should have at least ran and got down so we could have made a field goal, played defensive and then got the ball again. It's unfortunate that he was in that spot and had to make that play. Again, we have to grow from it and go from there." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

On closeness of winning games…

"We've had several games that are like that but we don't do it. You never win until you win. Like I told our guys, I'm disappointed for them. What it takes to win the National Football League is consistency from time to time. You can't be up and down. The teams change, matchups change and how you attack teams change. You have to be consistent with how you play. A lot of young guys playing, a lot of young guys that are growing and we have to grow from that. We have to grow a little faster in critical moments so we can make those plays." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

"The drive to get that first victory is probably the main energy source for us. Once again, we all know who we are. We know that we can compete with the best of them, man-for-man. We have the talent we needed to win. It is just about executing at a high level the whole game." – QB DeShone Kizer

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