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What are the Giants Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the New York Giants in the lead up to the Week 5 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

On Chargers' Record…

"They're a team that's better than their record. Their film is better. Been in a lot of close football games. They play hard in all three phases. Have playmakers in all three phases that can change the game." – Head Coach Ben McAdoo

On Philip Rivers…

"He's a premiere quarterback.  He's been doing it for a while.  He can make big plays, and he's going to get out there and lead his team.  Try to get a win.  To be honest with you, we have to get pressure on him, get in his face and try to knock him off his spot.  Can't let him get in a rhythm.  Once he gets in a rhythm, that's something you don't want (to see)." – DE Olivier Vernon


On Chargers Offense…

"They've got a gunslinger. They've got a fast, fast receiving core.  All those guys are very dynamic catching the ball, and making big plays after the catch.  That's what we see big time.  (Melvin Gordon's) not great yet, but he's going to become great.  (They have a) good running back back there.  They use him well." – S Landon Collins

"(Philip Rivers) does a nice job distributing the ball to their perimeter. He has a quick release and knows how to play the game. They have very good size and length on the perimeter. (Keenan) Allen is a special player and Tyrell and Mike Williams are there with him, talented players. (Antonio) Gates is a future Hall of Famer who we all know and (Hunter) Henry and (Melvin) Gordon are coming into their own at the tight end and running back positions. Their offensive line is gaining confidence as they go. They're a group that is working well on their confidence and physicality." – Head Coach Ben McAdoo

On Casey Hayward…

"He does a good job. You see him around the ball making plays. He's a smart player. And he seems to be around the ball a bunch. I think he's done a good job of making plays and being in the right spot." – QB Eli Manning

"First thing I'll say is, I remember his smile (from when we were together in Green Bay). He seemed to love football whether he was in the locker room or out on the field. He enjoyed getting his hands on the football. I coached quarterbacks at the time. I didn't like when he got his hands on the football in practice, but I did in the games. He was very good inside and out. Had some skill set versatility, whether it would be a dime, or a nickel or a safety type. He could do a lot of those things. But he's just a very smart, cerebral football player. He got football. He could read concepts, and he wasn't afraid to take a chance on a big-play opportunity. If he saw something, he went for it." – Head Coach Ben McAdoo

On Chargers Defense…

"They are well-coordinated in the Seattle system of Cover 3. They'll mix in some other coverages in there as well. (Melvin) Ingram and (Joey) Bosa are bookends on a good defensive line group who have some depth and (Jatavis) Brown is a fast run and hit linebacker, does a good job tackling. He's the leading tackler in the National Football League. Spent some time with Casey Hayward. Talented player, very smart player, has good instincts and a nose for the football." – Head Coach Ben McAdoo

"Well, I think they do a great job of getting a pass rush from all of them. So I think we've got to do a great job up front. They do a good job a lot of times of just bringing four guys, just playing zone behind it and getting to the quarterback quickly." – QB Eli Manning

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