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What are the Chiefs Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Kansas City Chiefs in the lead up to the Week 15 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers:

On Philip Rivers…

"He's on fire right now, he's doing a great job.  (I) saw how he goes about his business in the Pro Bowl last year.  He loves to play (and is) doing a heck of a job." – Head Coach Andy Reid

On Chargers' Differences Between Week 3 and Now…

"I think they're playing at a very high level.  They're very comfortable with their schemes on both sides of the ball and (on) special teams. There were changes that took place there, so it was a matter of getting used to it. It looks like they're playing very, very well right now." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"I think they are playing really good football. They were then, too, though. Especially defensively. Certainly, as a team right now, all three phases, they are playing really, really well. They are playing good together. Defensively, not from a scheme perspective, similar. Certainly, when you have this much of the season between games there is personnel stuff, injuries, things like that. There are those types of changes, but very similar to before. They were stout then and still playing really good." – QB Alex Smith

"They're at a point right now where they're playing with a lot of confidence. They're playing fast. You see them flying around and that's what happens when you win. When you win, the ball's bigger when you're swinging at the ball, and that's just where they're at right now, so you see that on tape. They had a new defensive coordinator in Gus Bradley when they first got here and so they're kind of learning their stuff, the ins and outs of it. Here they are into this part of the season and then you can see how they're really developing and trusting his system." – Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy

On Magnitude of Game…

"Hell yeah. Yeah, this is about as big as it gets for a regular season game. Division opponent, tied for first, only a couple games left. The ramifications are huge. It doesn't get any bigger than this." – QB Alex Smith

"Both teams doing well and have an opportunity this late in the season to have a game that means something. That's great for the NFL. It's great for both clubs. It should be an exciting game." – Head Coach Andy Reid

On Chargers Pass Rush…

"They're playing very well right now.  Their pass rush is tremendous right now.  It was good against us. Look at our third downs the last time we played them; they got after us. They're playing at a very high level, and the secondary, they don't do a lot but they do it very well.  They have a great defensive coordinator. Gus  does a great job there. They're in good hands." – Head Coach Andy Reid

On Joey Bosa & Melvin Ingram…

"They're, as a tandem right now, playing in my opinion probably the best in the league as far as bookend guys. We understand that and it's been a theme,  I've been saying it all year long that these defensive linemen are aggressive across the board in the NFL. But when you have two guys playing in the style that they play, a lot of spin moves, a lot of games that they do and they create lanes by doing that, then on top of that they're just full of energy. They're very successful this year." – Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy

On Keenan Allen…

"Keenan (Allen) has always been a tough guy to cover. He's highly competitive, tough minded, goes in to make the tough catches, a good route runner. Understands leverages. He's just a really good football player. Certainly, when you're on the run he's on right here with the hundred yard games and ten catches and touchdowns, when you have six for a hundred or seven or eight, you went downhill, says you're on a pretty good run. But he's just a good football player and anytime you have a dynamic player like that, that is performing consistently, one, forces a lot of attention from everybody, and then two, certainly from their standpoint, opens up other players." – Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton

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