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Transcript - Practice (Sept. 3, 2018)

Monday, September 3, 2018 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


Opening Statement:

"I just found out today was Labor Day, so Happy Labor Day. I've never had this day off, so I wouldn't know. There was good work today and good conditioning at the end of practice. Guys are going to rest tomorrow and come back Wednesday focused and ready to go."

On TE Antonio Gates:

"I'm glad he's back. At one point, I didn't think it was going to get done. He's here. He will be practicing with us on Wednesday. We will see where he is."

On if Gates will be playing on a snap count:

"Yeah, I don't think you can just throw a guy in the game — I don't even know if he's going to play. I have to see what type of shape he is in and go from there. He definitely would be on a [snap] count."

On what Gates needs to show to play on Sunday:

"He's a veteran guy. I just want to see his conditioning. I don't want to put him in the position where he goes out there and hurts himself. That [would] set us back four or five weeks. I don't see us doing that. Antonio, he's a pro. He will let me know how he feels at the end of the week and about what his pitch count can be. We'll talk about it."

On tight end depth:

"No because we are going to use our personnel. Whatever we put on the field, we're going to find a way to use it. If there are two tight ends, three tight ends, we will figure that out."

On his discussions with Gates:

"I saw him right before I came out on the practice field for about two seconds. I'm probably going to see him here this afternoon."

On how Gates looks:

"He looked good. He looks like he's in decent shape. We will see Wednesday."

On QB Cardale Jones signing to the practice squad:

"It's the first time that Cardale has been in the same offense two years in a row. For him to stay here — assuming we get him back. Someone may claim him, I don't know. It would be a great opportunity for him to learn and keep growing in this system. [Quarterbacks Coach] Shane [Steichen] has done one heck of a job with his technique and fundamentals. He just needs some consistency in his career right now. I think that's what he is looking for."

On scouting Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

"I know him very well. I followed his career when he was at Texas Tech. He's a very talented young man. He can throw it, he can move around in the pocket, he's intelligent. They made that move for a reason. He's going to be a force to reckon with."

On Kansas City trading QB Alex Smith in the offseason:

"That just told me what they think about Pat. Obviously, they feel like he can get the job done. They gave up a lot to go up and get him. The like him a lot and he fits what [Chiefs Head Coach] Andy [Reid] likes to do."

On the difference between Smith and Mahomes:

"Alex was a winning quarterback in this league. Mahomes, I don't think you can compare him to Alex yet. Alex won games. Patrick hasn't yet. I think he has that potential to be a top quarterback in this league. Like I said, he has that strong arm, I know he like to throw it down the field and he has some toys to throw it to."

On the lack of film on Mahomes:

"You can watch what they have done in the past. You can guess what they're going to do and prepare that way, but you don't know exactly what they're going to do."

On WR JJ Jones:

"[He came on my radar] when he scored that touchdown — the 72-yarder [punt return]. That's when he came on my radar."

On JJ Jones' skill set:

"Speed. We try to upgrade the speed on this football team. He brought that speed element and points. We need to score points — from everybody. Not just offense. We need points from everybody."

On JJ Jones' impact in the return game:

"He can do both. He's a kick returner and a punt returner. Is he going to be up [on the 46-man active roster] this week? We're not sure, yet."

On if the team has voted on captains:

"Not yet."

On voting for team captains:

"I'll probably do that on Wednesday or Thursday."

On the outlook for this season:

"You can't take wins and losses from last season. I wish you could, but you can't. You can certainly bring the culture. I like the attitude of the players. We will see how we start. Hopefully, we start faster than we did last year."

On previously injured players practicing:

"Oh yeah, it's good to see them out practicing. My only concern is that a boxer needs so many sparring rounds before he goes to fight. These guys have been out. Getting them caught up and back in the fold, that's my only concern right now, their conditioning for this first week."

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