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Transcript - Practice (Nov. 9, 2018)

Friday, November 9, 2018 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


On how the in-week workload changes throughout the season:

"We ask the guys to do the same things. You're just trying to get better every single week. You may tweak some things schedule-wise — like we go a little earlier [in the day] than we did the first half of the season. We may change some of the practice periods to non-padded because we've been going for a long time. You want the guys to get to game day fresh. We look at the schedule and you tweak it that way, but it's pretty much the same."

On if the physicality of practices can be tweaked as well:

"Absolutely. If you can't block and tackle by now, it might be a little late. You want them to get to the game and you want them to get there fresh."

On the team's depth at edge rushers:

"It's going to be thin, but we have guys. We have versatile guys like [NT] Damion Square who played inside, nose [tackle] and three [technique]. When you have guys like that, it helps. Our rookie, [DT] Justin [Jones] has been playing three and nose. When you have guys that can do multiple things, it helps you have someone that goes down."

On if LB Uchenna Nwosu will be counted on more:

"Yeah, if [LB] Kyle [Emanuel] can't go, Uchenna may have to play the OTTO and at the same time play rush end. He may play both for the first time in one game."

On Nwosu:

"He's not a rookie anymore. He's played in more than three games, so we treat him like a vet. We expect him to know the playbook like a vet. I think he'll handle it well."

On K Michael Badgley:

"He's really confident in his abilities, as he should be. His teammates have lifted him up and he's kicked well."

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