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Transcript -  Postgame vs. Green Bay Packers



Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019 | ROKiT Field at Dignity Health Sports Park | Carson, Calif.


Opening statement:

"I thought that was a good team win. I thought all three phases played well, prepared well. Coaches did an outstanding job with the game plans."

On the running game:

"We established a run and we committed to it. Those guys, they started out way at the beginning of the season. I knew they could do it, they did it last year. It's just giving them enough opportunities."

On a fast-paced offense:

"It was a point of emphasis. If you look at when we moved the ball down the field and have been the most efficient, a lot of the times it's when we are in a no-huddle offense. We decided to go with that a little bit today."

On Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen:

"Shane did an outstanding job. Like I said, I'm always wanting to get involved, but Shane would never have to look over his shoulder when calling plays. He did an outstanding job. I thought he was aggressive when he needed to be aggressive and he did a good job establishing the run when he had to."

On using a timeout in the second quarter:

"No, that happens. Sometimes you change your mind on a play or what not or communication could have been bad between the quarterback [Philip Rivers] and Shane [Steichen], but it happens."

On Steichen:

"I thought he did an outstanding job. He really did. He prepared well all week and the players have a lot of confidence in him and the coaching staff. The whole offensive coaching staff did a good job. We are one man short right now. Everyone stepped up and did what they had to do to get this win today."

On the players having confidence in Steichen:

"When you are around him — his work ethic, his energy, his passion for this game. He knows what he's doing. He's a good young coach. He's going to be around for a long time."

On turning the reigns over the Steichen:

"Well I would have never made the decision if I don't think I could have turned the reigns over to him. Like I said, he has plenty of help. It's not just Shane, you know, [Offensive Line Coach] Pat Meyer's on offensive line, [Tight Ends Coach] Rip Scherer has a lot of experience at tight end and [Running Backs Coach] Alfredo [Roberts] at running backs and [Wide Receivers Coach] Phil [McGeoghan], they do a good job. We have a good staff."

On the running backs:

"Anytime we can have all those guys healthy and ready to go, it helps, but we've always had a good 1-2 combination. When it was [RB Justin] Jackson and [RB Austin] Ekeler, when it's [RB Melvin] Gordon [III] and Ekeler. I mean, those combinations have always been good."

On fourth-and-one at the goal line:

"Again, I want fourth-and-one and we had a chance to extend the lead, get a touchdown, make a statement and we did it."

On previous games having an impact on today's decisions:

"Well, I wasn't necessarily thinking about Detroit and Tennessee. I was thinking about extending the lead on [Packers QB] Aaron Rodgers, but I thought the guys were moving the ball all day and I liked the rhythm that the offensive line was in. They did a heck of a job, the offensive line, of coming off and creating running lanes for those backs and they gained a yard. Anytime the offensive line gains a yard, the backs should get a yard."

On the inside run game:

"I saw those guys, their technique, their urgency to come off the ball to move people. They just did a heck of a job at that and they knew the importance of establishing the run in this game. You had to control the time of possession because Aaron Rodgers, he's just too good to be able to give him too much time."

On the defense:

"[Defensive Coordinator] Gus [Bradley] did a good job of mixing it with zone and man coverage, just disguising some of our zone coverages and the pass rush was excellent. I thought [DE] Joey [Bosa], [DE] Melvin [Ingram III], there was some inside push with the interior guys, I thought they did an excellent job today."

On avoiding blitzing to get pressure:

"You know, that's really important because you can have more guys in coverage anytime you can get there with a four-man rush, but we did a good job of mixing that with four-man, five-man and even some three-man rushes."

On crediting the victory:

"Just preparation. Just guys believing in one another and the second half of our season. We want to finish strong and today was the first game of the third quarter. We prepared to win, and we did."

On the importance of the win:

"At 3-5 [entering the day], it's very important. Every game's very important and we take it one at a time."


On the offense:

"It was a collective effort. We weren't perfect by any means. To me, the keys today were not turning over and scoring in the red zone and sustain drives. Don't give these guys the ball too much, don't let [Packers QB] Aaron [Rodgers] be on the field too much. That was a combination of our defense doing a great job and us staying on the field, getting first downs. We have to do a better job in the red zone. I was afraid the field goals earlier would come back to hurt us. I looked up and it was 9-0, after we really felt like we dominated the first half. I don't know how many offensive plays they had in the first half, maybe 15. We did a better job of getting in the end zone in the second half. It turned out to be enough and our defense was awesome."

On if he feels like it's Chargers vs. the World:

"I mean a little in the sense that obviously the Pittsburgh and Green Bay fan support, but gosh those teams are old-school NFL. Those fans are everywhere. I got a little of that my whole career. When it is a smaller venue it magnifies a little more. I think when we scored, you saw some energy from the Charger faithful and some noise. It was a good team win. From that standpoint, it is where we are now. We haven't had the start we wanted. Last year, as the year went, it got better and better. We just have to control what we can control, and that is between the lines. For whatever reason, we do better when the Chargers don't have a chance. I don't know why, I wish we did better when everybody thought we were good, like they thought when we were going into the season. I don't know if anyone gave us a chance today and the guys all three phases did a heck of a job."

On success on first and second down:

"It was great and how balanced we were. I think you saw that from us last year and in spurts this year. Against Detroit, I feel liken we went up and down the field, balanced and ran, did all that that. I don't want to say, by any means, that we just changed completely and we are a new Chargers team because that is just not the case. We executed better today. I thought [Offensive Coordinator] Shane [Steichen] in his first outing, obviously, did a heck of a job. We out-executed them and I think that was the difference. You look at some of these other games and how we should have won if we executed better. We out-executed them today and it was enough to win."

On importance of the first drive:

"We obviously wanted to get in the end zone. You just walked in, but I said earlier that the keys were to score touchdowns in the red zone and we didn't do that early. That was a huge drive and then we got stopped. Then, we went right back down there again. I think they had five plays in the first quarter, their offense. That was the key. We were playing keep away in a sense, but it wasn't because we wanted to play conservative. We were going after it. We knew sustaining drives was super was important. When the defense was playing that way, you keep right back, you can definitely stay in a little bit of a rhythm."

On RB Melvin Gordon III and T Russell Okung:

"Those are two Pro Bowl players for us. It was great to have those guys back, and Russell getting more and more in the groove as he goes, and Melvin will as well. I felt the physicality of Melvin Gordon was there today. You saw him and the two-, three-, four-yard mark, if there was contact he was delivering the contact. That is when he is rolling. It takes some time. I have been saying this forever with running backs, you have to get in sync. You would right now be finishing training camp. Not only was he not at training camp, he didn't have the off season either. He didn't have a live carry since January 20th until four weeks ago. He is going to continue to get rolling. I thought [RB Austin] Ekeler ran well too. [RB Justin] JJ [Jackson] got a couple snaps as well. We have a chance right now to get on a roll. You always hear about players complaining about Thursday games, but I am glad that it is on Thursday. Hopefully, we can ride this wave a little bit against a tough Oakland team at their place — the last time we're playing at the Coliseum. Our guys will be fired up for that. We know what comes after that, is our trip to Mexico City. We should have won a couple games early and we would be feeling a heck of a lot better, but we in a position to at least be in the mix. We will know more in five days."

*On feeling like 2017 season with slow start: *

"I hope we can continue. We know we have a tough division game this week, then division Kansas City, division after our bye in Denver. Then, we have a road trip to Jacksonville and then Minnesota is coming here. We have a tough road ahead, but it does feel a little bit like two years ago when we started off slow and then we got going and finished 9-7 just short. Hopefully we can stay together, but it is early. We won this game to a team that was hot and was one of the top teams in the league based on the last two weeks. This is a good win for us."

On the identity on offense:

"Well, I think based on what this defense was giving us, we just stayed with it. You know, you saw the same formation, I don't know, maybe 25 snaps. We were in three receivers and a tight end. We just kept getting the same look, and kept getting the same look, and kept getting the same look. I think we said, 'Let's just keep doing the same thing.' Obviously, games won't always be like that. Teams are going to start blitzing and doing some different things, but they continued just to kind of hold tight, hold tight, hang in there. Obviously, I'm sure they were hoping to keep us to field goals because then when their offense gets rolling, we'll look up and it'll be 16-12, 14-12 their way. I'm sure that's what they thought, just keep holding us to field goals, but our defense kept doing such an unbelievable job that it wasn't enough."

On Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:

"I think that happens to everybody, obviously. We all know it's not just one guy. I think that what I said, there's defense over there, and that was our defense today. Between the pass rush and the covering, they did a heck of a job. I think credit to our defense. Whenever you hold an offense led by him to a few points like they did today. Again, that's how you play the game, but he's a heck of a player and he made some really good plays. Throws the ball far. I just saw a couple today where they ended up incomplete, but I just said, 'I wonder what that feels like to throw it that far.' I seriously don't know."

On the victory's affect moving forward:

"We'll find out on Thursday. We don't have much time to wait. On to Oakland, as I've heard someone say, famously. On to the next one. We have to go find a way to get to where we want to get to. Finally get us to 5-5, with game against Kansas City and Oakland's right there with us. They're in the same boat. Find a way to stay right here in the mix, Last time in Oakland for us, so it'll be an awesome environment on Thursday night. Rest up and get ready to go."

On getting a win over Green Bay:

"Yeah that was good. In '07 there against [Hall of Fame QB Brett] Favre, he threw a slant with about four minutes left to beat us. In 2011, I threw back-to-back pick-sixes at some point of that game, and got beat. Then in '15, we threw 65 times and got beat 27-20. It was nice to win a game, especially against a team that was 7-1 and we played well."

On running table all the way to playoffs:

"We'll see. It could take that, but it's one at a time. Thankfully, we don't play them all on Thursday. We just have one on Thursday and see if we can keep stringing them together."


On how this win can help the team moving forward:

"Just put you in a great position. Hopefully, it gives you confidence and you feel good."

On how this game felt different from the past few:

"Management, understanding what they were giving us. Not changing what we had going on, just making them stop us."

On the running game:

"Outstanding. They were running like they were hungry and the offensive line was blocking well. Great game plan, well-executed and big win."

On how it felt playing with a lead:

"It felt good playing with a lead. We scored a lot of times. Even if it was 3 points, it still felt productive as far as offense and moving the ball."

On WR Mike Williams:

"Big playmaker. The ball goes above his head — as you saw today, he's going to make plays."


On RB Melvin Gordon's play:

"Just like last year, a little glimpse of that. You know, the 1-2 punch that were used to seeing. So, I'm glad he was feeling himself today. Before the game he was like, 'you know I got my four games in', that was his preseason. Now, it's time to row, get the old Melvin Gordon back. So, it's good to see him out there making plays."

On how this game was different:

"We just pushed our tempo on offense. So, after we get a first down, we got right on the ball, ran another play and not let them substitute. Let's just run a play. We tried to get a tempo going with some rhythm and see what happens."

On how it felt to have a rhythm on offense felt:

"I don't want to get away from it. It was good to get the run game going today too. It's been a struggle the past few weeks. It just builds confidence within your team. Especially the offensive line, it says we can run the ball. We collectively ran the ball well today and it just gives you confidence as far as upfront. It's like hey, let's keep this going. It's a mental game. These guys are professionals too. It's just, are we on or off today?"

On the balanced rushing attack today:

"It felt like last year. I feel like we had a great balance last year and this was a glimpse of that. This is a new year so we have to reestablish that as a team, but I thought we did a good job today by moving the chains."

On if he sees himself as a three-down back:

"Whatever my role is, I feel like I can fit whatever role they need me to be. If they need me to be a three-down, a special teams guy, the guy in the backfield coming on third down, I can be that guy. I'm a football player. I'm not just a running back. I can receive. I can go on special teams. I can run. I like to look at it like that. However I am needed that week, that's what I'm going to mold myself to and I'm going to be the best in that role that week."


On how today's game felt different:

"We just balanced today. We ran the ball well and passed the ball well. Everybody made their plays on all phases. So, that really helped with the output of the game."

On what it means beating the team where he's from:

"Every game means a lot to me. It's not just because it's Wisconsin and I'm from there. Every game means a lot to me. I told myself that I'm going to come out here and make some plays today."

On how he feels on his play:

"I'm getting in a groove. Before the first half, I felt like I was kind of sluggish. I felt like I was kind of slow and I was like, I have to pick it up. I knew we had a chance to run the ball. We were chopping five yards here, five yards there and we had a chance to actually seal the game. As far as run, we could run. So, I was definitely excited about that."

On the team's confidence moving forward:

"I feel like if we play clean football. We can go toe to toe with anyone. We're just coming out here playing great football. Football has different momentums, switching back and forth, but I feel like if we play how we're supposed to, we can stay in any game."


On the last time he saw Aaron Rodgers play like that:

"It's been a while. Especially watching [him] this season. He's been playing lights out for maybe like the last five, six weeks. Their offense has been playing lights out. Their defense has been playing lights out. Our job is to go out there and out-play them. On defense, we out-played their defense, I feel like. And our offense out-played their offense. That's what it's about. We played complimentary ball. I think on all three levels, the offense, defense and special teams, I think we out-played them. That's how you win."

On how they were able to disrupt the Packers rhythm:

"We do the same thing each and every week. I feel like we have some games where we slow offenses down like that and then we'll stall out. We played a complete game today. The coordinator did a great job. The defense did a great job. I just feel like we played complimentary ball today."

On how the pass rush helped the secondary today:

"It's always good. We always say, 'rush and cover work together.' It shows. Rush and cover work together. I'm pretty sure Joey [Bosa] was happy to get Melvin [Ingram] back. We tried to come out here and cause as much havoc as possible and limit these guys from scoring a lot. Especially good offenses."

On if Davante Adams was slowed down after returning from injury:

"Nah, he's not slowed down. Obviously, he's coming off of an injury. He probably wasn't 100 percent yet, but he still made a lot of plays for them. I talked to him early in the week. I knew he was going to play. But they've got a bye next week, so he'll get even more healthy."

On how important it was to pressure Aaron Rodgers without blitzing:

"We're always four-man. We're four-man no matter what. But, it's always good. That's the defense we play. We're not sending five to six every down. We'll send it here and there and hope five guys up front do a great job against their quarterback and that's what we did this week."

On if it was a satisfying win for him:

"Oh, for sure. Any time you can win against a good team like that and I got to beat my old team."

On the last time he saw Rodgers held to under 100 yards through three quarters:

"Crazy, not often. You never see it. Somebody might have to go and look it up. But as a whole, I feel like we did a good job at the back end. Our guys up front did a great job. Melvin [Ingram] and Joey [Bosa] caused havoc all game. Then [Damion] Square and all those guys up front did a great job in the run game. Any time you can slow those guys down in the run, we kind of know what's going to happen. They've got to pass the ball. That's what we did a great job of today."

On the ups and downs:

"It just shows that we can come out and compete with any team. We've been doing it all year. We just haven't found a way to win some of those close games like we did last year. I think every game we've lost has been by seven or less points. The last two games, we've flipped that narrative in trying to win these close games. This was the game to win against a really good team, a team that was 7-1. I'm pretty sure they're still not complaining about being 7-2. But we came out here, competed today and did a great job."


On the offense's success:

"We had a great game plan and overall, we just had great leadership on both sides of the ball. On offense, we were able to make good throws and made plays when needed. I think everybody contributed well. It was good to see Melvin [Melvin Gordon] in the end zone. Philip [Philip Rivers] was just being himself and guys like Mike [Mike Williams] and Keenan [Keenan Allen] were coming up with big catches at crucial times. It was a collective effort and a fun win."

On how much he feels like he's an asset to the offense:

"I thought our offense was great even when I was out, but I definitely feel like I own it on the field especially when it comes to running the football. I don't do a lot of hitting during the game and I wouldn't say that I'm the best blocker in the world, but I'll put my face in there, I'll work hard at it and take pride in it. I'm just trying to make plays and I've been able to do that. Phil [Philip Rivers] has been throwing great balls especially with some great protection. It's a team effort every time and it all starts with the great protection which allows for great routes to set everyone up."

On Chargers Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen's game plan:

"Yeah, it was fun. We kept it simple and we kept it flowing. It was good to get everything rolling. We had them on their heels and we just kept pushing. There were some great calls, ran the football and just kept it simple. Great win."

On the effective run game:

"I've been preaching that every week and to be able to do that, it's been great. Ekeler [Austin Ekeler] JJ [Justin Jackson] and Mel [Melvin Gordon] all do it and contribute in a big way."

On defense's success and stopping Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:

"It makes our jobs a little easier. Obviously, we need to score some more points with every opportunity that we have, but to have our defense play like that it makes our jobs a lot easier."

On the red zone:

"I think we just need to make better plays and get open better. That's a hard place to execute and we need to be sharp and on our best. We had a good plan and will continue to have a good plan. We just need to make plays."


On ability to get pressure on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:

"We are just doing what we are coached. Knowing our assignments, covering each other, not worrying about anything else, and just playing our game."

On what this win means to the bigger picture:

"It's a stepping stone to where we are trying to get. We dropped a couple early and we are just trying to get back on course. That's all this is; putting us back on course."

On if being away from football enhanced appreciation:

"Yes, it definitely enhanced my appreciation because you never know and this game can be taken away at any minute. So when you are away, you just understand how much you love it, how much you miss the game, and how much the game has done for you. So, it helps me battle to try and get back."

On if today's defensive success was because of scheme or getting people healthy again:

"No, it wasn't just getting me healthy. It was the game plan we had. Coaches drew up a great game plan and we went out there and tried to execute it. That's what it's all about, taking it from the classroom to the field and that's what we try and do."

On beating Rodgers and expectations beforehand:

"It's definitely an accomplishment. That's a Hall of Famer on the other side of the ball — so, it's always good to go out and get a victory. We expect to play like that. It's not a surprise — it's what we expect to do. We work day-in and day-out and know what type of players we have on this team so we expect to play like that."


Opening Statement:

"I just wanted to start off by saying you have to give the Chargers all the credit in the world. They came out and they came ready to play. They were well-prepared. They definitely coached better than we did today. They definitely played better. That's life in the National Football League. You better come and bring you're A-game each and every week, or you'll have a performance like we had today."

On if the team was late to the stadium today:


On what he talked about at halftime with the team:

"We just talked about what we needed to do better. Really when you look at it at half, we were pretty fortunate to only be down 9-0. It was a two-score game. Our defense did a good job of keep the Chargers out of the end zone. Offensively, there was no rhythm whatsoever. I want to say we had three false start penalties, one delay of game, a couple sacks. Just never got into a rhythm, never got into a plan. Again, you have to give them all the credit in the world. We knew that they had a great team. They were a playoff team a year ago, they've lost some really tight games at the end. I think they're a lot better than what their record indicates. Again, they just were better in all phases of the game today."

On Chargers DE Joey Bosa:

"We tried to make sure that we were sliding to him and also get some stuff and try to chip him off the edges. Certainly, he was a big factor today."

On if play-action wasn't an option today due to the penalties and run game:

"Yeah. Like I said, I have to do a lot better job of putting our guys in position. We really didn't get into the game plan. It was a spread, throw all over the yard kind of game. That's not what we want to be."

On how hard it is to get the ball down the field when the Chargers have a four-man rush:

"It's extremely hard, especially when you play this style of defense. It's not any secret what kind of coverage they're going to play. They're going to play three to four under. It's tough to get big plays, to generate big plays. They do such a good job of keeping everything in front of them. They rely on the pass rush and when they're able to do that with a four-man rush and keeping everything in front of you, it's going to be a long day for an offense. Again, I think it starts with that run game. We have to be more committed. I have to do a better job of staying committed to that run game, just to help our guys be in a better position."

On if he was surprised how much their offense struggled:

"It was a frustrating day, but certainly we had a poor performance to open up the season, as well. We just have to hit the reset button like we say every week, win, lose or draw, and get back to the drawing board. Just be more prepared for these situations."

On limiting opponent explosive plays:

"I'll have to take a look at the tape to give you a better answer. I'll have a better answer for you tomorrow."

On keeping the Chargers out of the end zone:

"I think that was the only thing that kind of kept us in the game at the half. They scored three times and it was three field goals. So, you have a two-possession game, it's 9-0. That was the only thing that was keeping us in, was our red zone defense. It felt like they controlled the clock. I don't know what the final numbers were, but it certainly felt like they possessed the ball for the majority of the game."

On if the Chargers late touchdown took away hope of a comeback:

"Part of me was kind of glad they were going for it, because it was a two-possession game, then they were able to punch it in. I don't think that one play had that big of an impact on the outcome there."

On the games with other NFC North teams:

"Yeah, I'm not really worried about everybody else. I'm worried about the Green Bay Packers. Like I said, we have to coach better, and we have to play better."


On today's game:

"This was a good learning experience for us. We have to come ready to play. I don't think we were locked in from the start, unfortunately. I'm not sure exactly the reason, but I don't think the focus was there from the start, so we have to look in the mirror and be very honest about our performance, myself first, and then our offense, our energy, attention to detail, and we have to get better."

On if a loss like this can happen to a team like this:

"I think it can happen to any team. I think we just — I don't think it was complacency at all. I just think that whether it was the trip, not everyone taking care of themselves the right way over the two days or are we just tired, the differences in temperature. Those are just excuses. The facts are that we weren't locked in from the start, and that's a little disappointing."

On Chargers DE Melvin Ingram III and DE Joey Bosa:

"They're great players. They didn't really — I think they pressured one or two times today. A lot of four-man rushes, and they got after us a little bit up front. We have to get back to protecting and throwing the ball on time and being accurate. This is a good slice of humble pie for us. You know, we're rolling at 7-1 and starting to listen to the chatter a little bit too much. I think this will be a good this for us. We'll regroup, go back home and play another good team before the bye."

On the team's offensive performance:

"I just think we had so many penalties. We were in such long-yard situations or we had good plays called on some of the false starts, delay of game or what have you. We were just kind of beating ourselves. We had three possessions the first half and it seemed like five or six penalties on offense. Look no further than ourselves and our own preparation. You know obviously I wasn't super comfortable in the pocket. Missed a couple throws I usually hit. We just didn't get into a rhythm really."

On not executing their game plan:

"I think it was disjointed a little bit. They went on an eight-minute drive to start the game. We held them to a field goal. We got three-and-out, and then they have another time-consuming drive. We just didn't help our defense out at all with the time of possession. We just didn't execute. I think we had some good calls earlier in the game and we just either missed them or false started, had a penalty or negative yards play. This one's — you have to give them credit. They played their scheme, and they didn't pressure and got after us. But we didn't help ourselves at all."

On how to beat their coverage when they're not pressuring:

"I think a lot of the stuff that maybe we did there in that — the only touchdown drive we had. Just kind of dealing it quickly, getting the ball out of my hand and letting guys kind of go and run. We just weren't able to get a whole lot going earlier in the game, which hurt us."

On not executing their game plan:

"We still had a lot of stuff we wanted to get to, stuff that we worked on all week. Again, the lack of execution and the penalties–negative yard plays definitely hurt us today."

On what you do after a game like this:

"You want to rinse your hands. That's what you like to do. You go back and be very brutally honest on your own personal performance and buckle down on some the details. I think we were a little bit off, but I think more than that the focus was off. And it was disappointing to see. I just don't think that we were locked in from the start. Especially with this run we had, I don't know if it was the fact we had an incredible Green Bay crowd today or the fact looking to much at what their record was, but it wasn't a great performance and we can improve from this point."

On losses that go one way or another and what determines the outcome:

"The character of the guys in the locker room. So, I feel pretty confident they were going to respond. We have couple, obviously a big one next week, a good football team and a bye and then football team on the road again. We have to respond the right way and go to the bye too. This week will be interesting to the see the leadership step up, but I feel pretty optimistic just like maybe six teams, some of those losses where it just felt like we still have something special even though we had a dud like that."

On WR Devante Adams being open:

"He was kind of on the play count. We were trying to run him out there for 70 plays. We did have a lot of stuff here for him, but we just couldn't get to a lot of it unfortunately. We also had stuff for Arron Jones [RB] that we didn't really get to. He was playing behind sticks most that day and penalties negative yards that kind of took us out of our plan."

On energy and preparation for the offense side of the ball:

"We were really just talking the offense side of the ball. I just think that we weren't very focused. We had some silly penalties that we weren't used to having and they hurt us. Especially when you only have three possessions in the first half you have to make them count. I'm just talking on offense side of the ball, guilty. Our routine, the decisions we made in the last 48 hours and make sure that our head is in the right place next time we come on a big road trip which will be in three weeks."

On how the team acted the past 48 hours:

"I am not sure. It is just conjecture because the expectations we have are just so high for the preparation and the focus. I just think as a whole on offense we didn't really have the energy and the focus we need to be a little more effective."

On an offense lead by Rodgers struggling

"It was frustrating. We are used to moving the ball down the field and scoring points. Tough day. You have to give them credit on their side of the ball. They held the line of scrimmage; they got after the pass game and did a good job covering up on the back end. But we didn't help ourselves out in the way we executed."


On their performance:

"It wasn't clean. They basically just gave it to us the whole game. We were flat. We need to figure out how to beat better teams when they're running the same coverage. Pretty much the whole game we couldn't figure out ways to consistently move the ball. We hurt ourselves in some short ones, second and shorts, [and we] have to take third and shorts."

On how he feels after his injury:

"It feels good. It doesn't feel any worse. So that's good."


On what they expected from Chargers WR Mike Williams:

"I'm not really sure. It's never as bad as you think, and [sometimes] it's not as good as you think. You just never know, that's why we watch [film]. You try not to anticipate too much because the field isn't going to lie. Regardless of what you were feeling or seeing [on film], the field isn't going to lie. We have to dive in and get it right."

On how Chargers QB Philip Rivers made Green Bay work:

"He's a vet. You know he's seen all types of disguises. He can handle pretty much anything and everything you throw at him. He does a lot to try to read our coverages."

On how many snaps he was supposed to see given his recent groin injury:

"Around [as many] as we had. I don't know what the actual count was. It just depends on the situations. It depends on how the game is going. It's always different."


On what went wrong in defending against the run:

"I feel like we weren't aligned in our gaps right. I haven't watched the film, but there were certain situations - myself included, I was out of the gap one time and I think [the play] hit for 30 yards. To do that, I need to correct my mistakes and tune into the little things. Playing the edge, each and every guy playing that gap, and continuing to do what we do best."

On if the game surprised him:

"I'll tell you what, man. This was a wakeup call for us because we were 7-1. I don't feel like it, but some people probably got comfortable in the situation. To lose this game shows a lot and brings us back down to earth on what we need to do and work on each and every day. It's not a good loss, but this loss woke us up. We're really humbled by the situation. We're going to for it and get better each and every week as we prepare for the next team."

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