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Transcript - Postgame (Raiders Week 5)


Sunday, October 7, 2018 | ROKiT Field at StubHub Center | Carson, Calif.


Opening Statement:

"That's a good team win. I thought all three phases were solid. When we don't give teams anything and we make teams go through it, I think we're a tough team to beat. That's what we expected. I thought the defense did a hell of a job on third downs. Getting off the field that's been something we've been struggling with. Today, I thought they did a hell of a job. Offensively, it was pretty good moving the ball down the field. I think they scored consecutively within a lot of drives. Special teams was solid. It was just a good team win. That was probably the best 1-3 football team [Oakland Raiders] in the National Football League."

On what he was expecting from DT Corey Liuget:

"He hadn't played football in four weeks, so I wasn't expecting a lot. We did get him in the rotation. He did have that one false start, but other than that, I thought he was pretty solid."

On the team's defensive performance:

"I like that we got off the field on third downs. That's what I liked. That was a powerful offense. That team has been scoring a lot of yards this year scoring a lot of points, and we got them off the field for the first half. They were zero percent on third downs in the first half."

On DE Melvin Ingram III playing offense:

"With [FB Derek] Watt being out and a cast on his hand, we didn't really want to put the ball in his hands. Melvin Ingram has been crying to do it for so long. He's capable. He's a good athlete, so we put him back there. We gave him an opportunity."

On Ingram's performance:

"He had a couple nice pass-rush moves."

On the team's offensive line performance:

"I'll find out tonight when I watch the tape, but from the sideline I thought they played well. They had a couple penalties, which with young tackles you can expect that. Other than that, I thought they did a pretty good job."

On K Caleb Sturgis:

"I thought the missed field goal I thought he kicked that pretty solid. It was just a miss. Pretty close, but it's just a miss. The extra point did bother me a little bit, but we'll figure out what happened there. He's been kicking well all week. He's been kicking with a lot of confidence, so I'm not concerned about it."

On if this was a step forward for the pass rush as a whole:

"Yeah. [DE] Isaac [Rochell] even got involved. I think he had a sack today. [DT Darius] Philon had a sack I believe, so it was a good day for the defensive line. They played well. They've been working at it and we got results."

On if the defense is different when Ingram is getting pressure consistently:

"Absolutely. Anytime you're getting pressure, it's different. That's making everybody's job easier in the back end."

On taking the crowd out in the first drive:

"That's why we took the ball first. We wanted to take the ball first, throw the strike first, and we did. Just trying to quiet the crowd just a little bit. We work the silent count all the time, so it wasn't just for this team. We work it all the time."

On leading the league in chunk plays:

"We have some play-makers. They can get behind the secondary and we have some guys who can run the football."

On RB Austin Ekeler's touchdown:

"It was a busted play. It was a high snap. [QB] Philip [Rivers] kind of mishandled the football and he did a heck of a job finding the check-down, and Austin just made a nice run after that."

On QB Philip Rivers' performance:

"I thought he played well. Like you said, any time you play with no turnovers and you get the ball to the right people I thought he played well."

On if this is the cleanest, mistake-free game all year:

"This is one of them. Pretty close. We could clean it up even a little bit more, but I like that fact that we didn't turn the football over and we got some turnovers."


On the 44-yard touchdown pass:

"I knew we had a blitz coming to the side of [RB] Austin [Ekeler] and [TE Antonio] Gates, I believe it was. We got that squared away then they were running from both sides, they ended up bringing a saw blitz. I just dropped the snap and then it was a little bit of panic mode to get it. Once they got it corralled, I knew where Austin was as kind of an outlet and just thought, 'Minimize the negative play.' Then, I look up and it's a 40-yard touchdown."

On how close the 44-yard touchdown reception was to not being a play:

"It was pretty close. It was another little bobble away from me just getting down."

On if he just had to find a window in order to make the 44-yard touchdown throw:

"I was getting ready to catch it, see how they played that and throw it to [RB Austin Ekeler] anyways. Then, once I just lost it, I should have caught the snap, then it was a little bit of, 'Don't turn the ball over, get the ball.' Then, once I got it, I figured I could get it to him. I didn't know it was going to be that good of a result, though."

On if that touchdown changed the momentum of the game:

"I think so because we weren't really playing that great on offense. We were playing okay. First [drive] it was better, we didn't go three and out, finished with points, but we weren't playing great. We had some third downs where we weren't great, and then that kind of sparked the whole deal. At least it felt that way. Then we got another stop, then we got another big screen to [RB] Melvin [Gordon III] and punched that one in. Then we felt the control the rest of the way."

On if he saw the move that RB Austin Ekeler put on Raiders LB Tahir Whitehead and CB Daryl Worley:

"Yeah, he got them both. He's got some juice now. He can really run. I think he's one of those, you don't realize how fast he is running until you have to chase him, which I never have, but I've seen a lot of guys do it. That was impressive. I think what you see, the little things that you see on tape, that I think the guys see, like [WR] Keenan [Allen] getting downfield and getting that block. They're just giving enough to where [Raiders S Marcus] Gilchrist push out of bounds. Everybody trying to help everybody. On [TE] Virgil's [Green] touchdown, guys are battling to get into the end zone. That long screen to Melvin [Gordon], everybody just scrapping for one another and I think that's what makes it — like today, how many guys touched the ball? [WR] Tyrell [Williams] had the long one, but it wasn't an eight-catch, 150-yard day for anybody. You look up and there's 330 yards passing and a lot of guys touched it and was efficient, we ran it well enough. We didn't turn the ball over and they turned it over twice. When you do that, you have a good chance to win."

On how the defense helped the team win today:

"I just thought it was complimentary. Again, we keep talking about wanting to be a great team, which we aren't, but I think we're a good team. I think good teams play and lean on each other. I didn't feel like we were terrible, but we weren't great, then we're like, 'Come on D, we really need you'. Then the D needs a blow because they've been out there a while and let's say we can control the ball and go on an eight-minute drive for a touchdown. So, it was good, complementary, and I thought special teams was solid. The return game, all of the punt returns and everything. We kept trotting out there, plus-30, plus-40, mid-field, and that's a good feeling as an offense when you're trotting out there and you're already halfway home."

On T Trent Scott and T Sam Tevi:

"I thought they did a heck of a job scrapping. How they are going to grade them, obviously I don't know, [Chargers Offensive Line Coach] Pat [Meyer] will get that squared away and watch that with those young guys. All of our guys will be critical of themselves because we all are. I thought they were scrappy and tough. We had a couple of holding calls on a couple plays, I think we got beat on one or two early. [Raiders LB Bruce] Irvin is a good rusher and one got in, I don't know how good, that was probably Sam's first start at left tackle ever. Trent's first start ever in the NFL. They really did a heck of a job. When you can be efficient, only maybe a couple sacks, five incompletions, I'd say it's a win to me for those two guys."

On having a better start to the season than last year:

"It definitely feels better and I think we're kind of in that spot now, where what are you going to do — can we string something together here through the bye and not to look ahead? It's all one at a time, can we string a couple together and get to 5-2 at the bye? I think if you had told us 5-2 — if you had told me, I don't know if I'd feel that way because you always want to win them all, but if you told me 5-2, I'd take it, before the season started. We're not there. We're 3-2 and we have a tough Cleveland team this week who only gave up 12 points I guess in 70 minutes of football. That's going to be a tough challenge at their place, and Tennessee, who I think gave up 12 or 13 today against Buffalo. So, we have two tough guys defensively, just to speak of their defenses, and both [away from home]. So, I'm not trying to get ahead of myself, but I think it's good to look at the big picture and see what we're trying to get done and find a way to make it happen."

On his chemistry with TE Antonio Gates:

"Yeah, after that series when the dust settled, he said, 'I was standing over there forever and thinking you were going to come to me sooner.' They [Oakland defense] fooled me a bit with the coverage as I was looking [towards the] front side and said 'man, I've still got some time — let's see what can happen on third-and-11 and naturally moved right. He found a huge void right there. I thought that was a big third down in the game. I thought Keenan's [Allen] third down was huge, before the touchdown to [TE] Virgil [Green] on third-and-long. Those were in that stretch where we were in a battle to overcome some penalties. Those kind of things are big for offensive units, to me. When you overcome a few penalties. When it's first and 20 and say, 'Come on we've got to find a way guys,' and it not just be me saying it, but us collectively saying, 'That's what we have to get done,' and we did. We overcame some of those penalties that could've put us behind the chains."

On the success of the offense executing chunk plays:

"I think we're doing a heck of a job running the football well. When you're efficient with our run, though I don't know what we're averaging per carry right now, but that allows you for some chances to get chunks down the field. We have the players down the field who can do it and the guys up front who can hang on [to a block] an extra tick to create some of those chunk plays. Some of those chunk plays have not all been in the air — some of those have been catch-and-runs. [RB] Austin's [Ekeler] and [RB] Melvin's [Gordon] screen — those are catch-and-run plays. [WR] Mike [Williams] caught a big end [route] that probably went for probably 20 [yards]. I thought [Offensive Coordinator Ken] Whisenhunt did an excellent job calling that. When we get the big turnover and were backed up, he said, 'How do you feel about this right here?' I said, 'Shoot, let's go,' as we got the perfect coverage [WR] Tyrell [Williams] made the big play."

On thoughts about DE Melvin Ingram III's offensive play as a running back:

"We worked that [play] and he said he guaranteed he was going to get in — and he still guarantees that he was in. So, we all are giving him the benefit of the doubt and say there wasn't a camera angle to see it. He said, 'I know it. I know I was across the goal line.' That was the first goal line play we've had all year. It was the first goal line snap with goal line [personnel]. It was good to get in there. He didn't get in there, but then we did. Those are the things that you work on all of the time. Every Friday — it's goal line presentation. We haven't had a snap in five weeks and when it comes up, you need to find a way to get in the end zone. We did that."

On what it will take to become a great team and if there is a team in the AFC that they can't play against:

"I don't think so. Obviously, looking at the AFC right now, there's Kansas City that we played in Week 1. They seem to have been super impressive, they beat us and they haven't looked back since, and they're in our division. I think we're going to find that out. To be a great team though, we have to continue to do the little things better and continue to win. Find ways to win, not get satisfied and not lose focus on the little details that end up not being a third down conversion, end up not being a run for four and instead it's two. All those little things. I think our guys will stay focused and hungry, I know we will. We have no reason not to. We're just 3-2. It's easy to feel a little bit good right now, win two in a row, win a division game, but we have to know what's ahead and we got a lot more and we have to stay with it."

On how he knew to look for Austin Ekeler after the bobble for the 44-yard touchdown:

"He was actually the first guy — it was kind of a high percentage play where he and [TE Antonio] Gates were kind of one A, one B in the read, so it wasn't going to be in my hands long either way. They ended up bringing — I'd have to look at it to see — why the window got free I'm not sure what we did on the right side exactly. It ended up being — he was first in the progression for the most part anyway, but it was just a little scramble to get it to him, so it ended up being more exciting than it would have been."

On how their defense is helping them win:

"I think it can help us. Hopefully we can get [DE] Joey [Bosa] back here in 3-4 weeks. The valuable reps these guys are getting, hopefully get [T] Russell [Okung] back this week, that's valuable. Trent Scott's at every play, every snap at right tackle. Sam [Tevi] plays left, there's nothing like game reps. You see [DE] Isaac [Rochell], I think he had a couple sacks today, and all those guys were pressed to the pocket. Maybe it hadn't been to where they want it to be early in the year, but they keep working and keep staying with it. A lot of guys contribute all over. There are guys making tackles on special teams all over the place, the defensive and offensive guys. You see some of them all over the place, you see [Austin] Ekeler making tackles and [S] Rayshawn [Jenkins] and [LB] Uchenna [Nwosu], guys are all over. Everybody is contributing. I think our guys know that everybody has a role and they appreciate that role and take it seriously, and guys really pull for one another."


On defensive performance:

"We did well. They got down in the red zone, but the mentality for us is bend-don't-break. It is really cliché, but it is true."

On continuing to build momentum:

"We'll come in tomorrow, we'll look at the film. It is a 24-hour rule. We see what we did well, we see what we didn't do well and correct it. Then we hit the practice field running."

On his mother firing the cannon:

"It was everything. They asked me this week if she wanted to do it and I knew without a doubt she would. I was able to get a win and a fumble recovery for her. Not even just for her, but all the women out there fighting breast cancer. Five years ago, [it] was the devastating news and she fought and fought, then today she was able to celebrate."


On his touchdown catch:

"I just saw the pressure coming off the edge and it was a hot ball so it's coming to me right away. I ended up just catching the ball and looking downfield from there."

On QB Philip Rivers:

"I don't see any age in him at all. He's still playing at a super high level, which is what we need. He's a super competitor, so I love having him out there."

On young players at the tackle positions:

"We had confidence in those guys. As a running back, I'm always looking to help anywhere, so we might put a little more emphasis to help there. Today they did a great job, didn't really have to help out too much."

On the team's convincing win:

"It's good to be a part of one. You see them every once in a while in the league and finally we got one on our belt."

On winning games against division teams:

"Division wins are key. So, every division game we have, has the same importance. You have to get out and get a win."

On keys to keep momentum going:

"It comes down to the same preparation that we put in. You get on a roll, you start feeling good, and so you just have to keep that momentum going throughout practice and obviously in the game."


On the victory:

"Yeah, it was good. It's always good, especially a division win. It all adds up towards the end. Let's just keep racking them up and see where we go from there."

On the offense and defense feeding off each other:

"It's very accurate. It's an energy game, and when you have good energy built all around you, that's what it's all about. When [the defense] goes out there and makes a play, we want to go out there and make a play, too. You have to feed off that. That's how we become a great team."

On if this was the most complete game the team has played this year:

"It is, but I still feel like we can be better. We have to learn how to finish and put teams out. We're settling for three [points] right now when we should be [getting] seven points. We'll figure a way out, but coaching up is always better after a win."

On if the offense changes without starting offensive tackles:

"[In] a sense, but the expectation is for the level not to drop. Obviously, [Trent Scott and Sam Tevi] are starting for a reason and I don't want to discredit those guys who came in and did what they needed to do today. The expectation, like I said, shouldn't drop by any means."

On if team expectations change when players are injured:

"No, it doesn't change expectations. Our expectations are to go out and win regardless of who's on the field. [Head] Coach [Anthony Lynn] puts us in situations to be successful. It doesn't matter who's in there. It doesn't matter."


On his performance today:

"It's not about me it is about this team. We are all trying to win man. We have [LB] Denzel [Perryman] out there making plays. [RB] Melvin [Gordon III] making plays on offense. [WR] Keenan [Allen] making plays. We are just trying to stack up wins. That is what it's all about."

On QB Philip Rivers:

"He is lights out. One of the best to ever do it and he shows it every Sunday."

On his role in the offense:

"It was cool, man. I touch the ball all the time in practice. It was just fun. Being in the offensive huddle,e it felt like I was at home."

On the energy from the crowd:

"To be honest, we don't even see what fans are out there. We just know we are going to bring our energy on this side of the ball. It's all we know. That is the only energy we are worried about."

On the defense ability to create turnovers:

"If we can create turnovers, we have one of the [most high-powered] offenses in the league. We are just trying to give them the ball any time we can."

On being 3-2:

"We aren't happy yet. We have a long way to go. We just trying to build stepping stones. We are just trying to put wins on top of wins and try to get to our ultimate goal, and that is to win a championship"

On his interception:

"It was a big play. An interception in the end zone is always a big play, for sure."


Opening Statement:

"It was a tough one today, I will answer any questions that I can."

On the decision to throw from the one-yard line:

"We haven't thrown the ball in a goal-to-go situation all year. It was first-and-goal, the decision there was to throw it. If it isn't open, you throw it away. It didn't work out. We expected that we'd have a wide open receiver on the play and obviously that will be second guessed, rightfully so. We should have made that throw down there and I'll live to hand the ball off on the next play possibly.

On why they struggled multiple times at the goal line today:

"We had a bad play today. We've done some good things offensively. We only [got] the ball four times in a half today, the second half. Field position was very tough. I think we'll press a little bit. I think the play calling needs to improve and that's my job. We have to play better collectively than we did today."

On T Kolton Miller's struggles today:

"[DE Melvin] Ingram. He's a very good player. Kolton is battling some injuries as well. He's not one hundred percent, most lineman aren't. I am proud of our two rookie tackles, proud of [G/C Jon] Feliciano. Three guys stepped in there and two turnovers hurt us today. We had one at midfield and one at the one-yard line. Defensively, we have to get off the field and try to get some better field position somehow, some way."

On QB Derek Carr and the decision to not run the ball on the one-yard line:

"I think he will tell you. He's just trying so hard. The call was to hand the ball to Lynch there because of what happened. First-and-goal at the one, faking to Lynch has been a great call for a lot of years. I think he just presses at some moments and he knows we have to do a lot with the ball when we have it. I think that's what happened today."

On if he is dialing back on running:

"No, we aren't dialing back on anything. We are trying to play every snap to its fullest. He's trying to read his progression and I thought he did escape a couple of times, make some plays scrambling down the field, one to [WR] Seth Roberts. It's an area of his game that I think we will continue to improve and we need it to improve."

On WR Amari Cooper's role on offense:

"He wasn't only targeted one time, we called his number. Just because he isn't targeted doesn't mean we aren't trying. He was the primary several times today and I think he will tell you that. Sometimes the opposition tries to take away some guys and you have to go other places and we didn't do a good enough job today."

On the Los Angeles offense:

"They hurt us with screen passes. They got one to the tight end, they got one to [RB Melvin Gordon III], and quick screens to the receivers on the perimeter. They converted some long yardage situations where we had them way behind, I believe, in the down and distance. They had some holding calls where they were second-and-20 and they found a way out of trouble. [QB Philip] Rivers played great, he extended plays today. I think the two turnovers we had and the none that they had is a big factor as well."

On the false starts:

"It's louder here than you think. I think the noise perhaps had something to do with it. When you have new starters playing, sometimes the communication isn't echoed. They're not used to hearing things. I take responsibility for it. We had a new starter at right tackle. We had a new starter at left guard. Sometimes that happens, as much as I hate to admit it."

On Carr's grasp on the offense:

"He's doing well. Derek's doing well. Derek is doing very well. We need to play better around him and not just on offense. We've got to play better on special teams and we've got to play better on defense."

On CB Daryl Worley:

"It's great to have him back and see where he is. He had a good week of practice. He did make some plays today, some physical plays. We've got a lot of moving parts on this football team through the first five weeks in all three phases — the kicker, the punter, the long snapper, the offensive line, the defensive line and at corner. It's good to have him back. He's a guy that could potentially stabilize us at that position."

On Chargers QB Philip Rivers:

"He's amazing, isn't he? He's a great player. Great player, great competitor. He and [Chargers Offensive Coordinator] Ken Whisenhunt, they have been working together for a while and they've got a pretty good handle on what they're doing."

On time management:

"I wish we wouldn't have committed the penalty. The penalty at the end of the game, where we are trying to get the ball back — a personal foul penalty late in the game and then roughing the passer penalty in that situation is very costly. Those are the two things that we must eliminate and we cannot have here."

On using timeouts in the second half:

"Well if you want to get the ball back, yeah, we used our timeouts when they were in a goal-to-goal situation. We tried to preserve as much time as we could. We used all our timeouts to give us a chance. Would like to have more time — 52 seconds and no timeouts against that pass-rush is tough. Unfortunately, we didn't get close enough."

On G/T Kelechi Osemele:

"He stayed at home. Hopefully we get him in the next week or so."

On the attendance of Raiders Fans:

"Love the Raider fans. Just wish we gave them a better show today. [I'm] disappointed. Very disappointed."


On his interception:

"They did a good job of covering the first two guys. [TE] Derek Carrier popped late and beat his guy. I saw that he beat his guy and by the time I threw it, [DE] Melvin Ingram [III] who had been on the run made a great play. I wasn't trying to force it. I saw our guy win and I was trying to throw it in the backline to him, but they made a play and that was the one. Besides that, I felt like we did some good things."

On the Chargers defense:

"They did a good job just trying to keep everything in front of us. Run game, just trying to choke that out. Pass game, getting really deep in their drops trying to let you throw underneath them. It's a Seahawks type of defense, depends on how they want to play it and they can do that. Whenever you pick up a third down that is where the rhythm comes from. Early on we didn't do so well on third downs, first four or five weren't so good. After that, we started hitting 50 percent or something like that and that's where you want to be."

On Chargers making it difficult to pass to WR Amari Cooper:

"There were definitely situations depending on where he was lined up that they would do certain things. I could think of three different ways of coverage that they were doing that. Sometimes it is like that. Not only that, they put their best cover guy on him. Coverage dictates a lot of things. I think [WR] Martavis Bryant got close to 100 yards. Just depends on how they want to play certain things. It is not like I don't want to throw it to him, he was just covered."

On him constantly pressing:

"You have to tell me to calm down before you have to get me going, that has always been a problem of mine. It's not a problem, more of a weakness. I just always try doing too much. It is not out of a bad heart it's just that I want to win so bad. Sometimes, it gets me caught up like on that bad play with the interception. I will have a whole bunch of reps before I am doing the right thing. I tell myself calm down and do the right thing and then we move the ball and score a touchdown. If we didn't get the ball back, that would have hurt a lot but to get the ball back and say let's just do what we have been doing and lets score. I definitely press and it's me trying to force something when I don't have to do that."

On having concerns about the division getting away from them:

"No. This game is so crazy and I've been in a lot of different situations and had a lot of different plays happen, some crazy stuff. I'm never worried until it's over honestly."

On trying to throw for bigger plays on third down instead of running:

"I think honestly there were a couple times where there wasn't room to run. If I'm being honest with you, there was later on. There were a couple chances where I scrambled out and decided to throw it down the field. I remember early on there was a deep one to [WR] Seth Roberts where I hit the defender right in the head. I wasn't trying to do that, but just giving him a chance to play or get the pass interference. Sometimes on third downs they don't play a lot of man coverage. Whenever you can get a man-type look and you get a chance to throw it downfield in this league, you're going to get a catch or a pass interference most of the time. They ended up picking up the flag on us, but there were a couple times where I tried to scramble and just the way they were rushing they shut some lanes down but I'm not going to sit here and try to run for 100 yards."

On his progress with Head Coach Jon Gruden:

"I mean, obviously it's still early on, but I think we are in a good place. Obviously, he doesn't want me to press or try and do too much when we are losing. Those are the kinds of things where with my aggressiveness and his aggressiveness, we are learning and he does a great job communicating with me after stuff like that. He doesn't want me to stop being aggressive, but at the same time not forcing them, not pressing and sometimes to not make too many plays. When you are down like that, I think those are times where I'm learning it's ok to throw it away. You know you don't have to win it for us and that's kind of where we are right now where he's communicating with me and I'm growing through that. I am and I'm going to continue to work at it and listen to him."

On assessing the red zone play:

"We had opportunities, but I think penalties killed us early on. We had three false starts. Things like that we will work on, but you can't do that especially in the red zone. It's so hard against this kind of defense, too, where they try to keep it all in front of them. We have to do a better job at not having penalties down there and hurting ourselves, but it always stinks when you don't get a touchdown. We had some shots at some touchdowns."

On the moving parts of the offensive line:

"Obviously, very important positions but I thought that they played awesome especially against this front. I thought they played really well for it being a tough environment for them, against some good rushers, a good blitz package but it's tough for veterans let alone young guys. I thought that they held their own. I thought they were physical. I thought that they competed their tails off and obviously that's what you want to see. You want to see some dog in them, you want to see some fight in them, and I definitely saw that. They had some rookie things where they want to clean up just like I did. Just like our receivers, tight ends, everyone has plays, and when you lose it's easy to just say it's the rookie offensive tackle but it's nothing like that. I think they did a great job to be honest."

On overthinking the one-yard touchdown pass attempt:

"No, I think it was a good play that they covered. They did a great job because on film it looked great. With [RB] Marshawn Lynch, we love to give him the ball but we had shown some things and they showed on film that this should be good and obviously they covered it and it didn't work out, but it's been five games now where we've just pow, pow, pow so you have to throw a play action or else they're all going to commit on him and it's going to get stuck."

On finding a way to stay positive:

"Well it's easy for me. I'm always positive. I think that whenever you have a game where you don't go out there and have 500 yards, which isn't going to happen every week, you're going to play defenses sometimes where it's going to be tough. I think right now, especially in this game we are just learning when it's tough like that, what's our communication like and what are we going to get to now. What's the plan now. Just like Coach and I were talking about, as long as him and I keep communicating and I keep doing exactly what he wants on the field, you know get me into this play versus this play. We are in such a production-oriented business that we forget the process of things and if you start getting down during the process then there is never going to be any production. When it happens like this, you stay the course and you keep doing it. We just came off a game of 500 yards against one of the best defenses that shut the Steelers and shut the Saints pretty much out, shut them down. You come out here and you play and it didn't go 500 yards and things like that, you don't quit on what you've been doing. You stay upbeat and you keep working and that goes for all of our guys. Obviously, no one likes to lose. I don't get up early, I don't work hard to lose. You have to understand that there is a process with this whole thing and with the whole team. We have to grind through it, we have to be tougher, we got to be more physical. We got to practice harder, we got to train harder, whatever it is and then that stuff will take care of itself."

On not having timeouts left and having to attempt a 57-yard field goal in the first half:

"Obviously, you can sit back and draw up anything where you should have done this and anything like that, but my job is to make sure we get points. With no timeouts, it's going to be hard to get a touchdown. My job is, if they are going to drop that far and we get it to the back, we are going to have a chance at a field goal. I'm just trying to get points. I wish I had something better for you but when they drop off like that, getting points and having at least a chance to kick a field goal and not taking a sack waiting for something to develop, then there's no chance."


On his touchdown:

"I'll take it. I think we were trying to go tempo and then QB sneak. When [QB] Derek [Carr] saw it uncovered, he just snapped it and threw it out, took the easy way."

On the interception in the end zone:

"It makes a huge difference, when you go down and come away with zero points. [Carr] was just trying to make a play. He's made some big plays before. He was trying to do it again and he just got caught. It's something we need to work on and just know the situation." 

On not running with RB Marshawn Lynch from the one-yard line:

"If [the fans are] expecting it, most likely the defense is as well. He does a great job for us down there. Every once in a while, he sneaks in a play action and if it doesn't work, then you'd hope that we'd give it to him on second down. It's a guessing game and we would've popped wide open. It would've been a great play call, but they defended it well and they made the play."

On being 1-4:

"You just continue to work. I've said it every week, it's a week-to-week business. We have a short-term memory and you just come back and continue to grind. Obviously, we'll have a short week leaving early to go to London. We have to move on quickly and be prepared."


On how it felt for his first time back after suspension:

"It felt great. It would have felt even better if we came out here with a win."

On getting the defense on the same page:

"We may just be overcompensating a little bit, all 11 guys. Everybody just has to do their job, do what we have to do and make tackles when they come. It is going to come together."

On defensive communication:

"We'll have to go back and watch the film, but every time we weren't in the same call on each play, so there is different execution for each guy within each call. On the one route, I was able to make the play. That was my play within the scheme."

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