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Saturday, April 27, 2019 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


On his initial thoughts on the draft:

"[Offensive Coordinator Ken] Whiz [Whisenhunt] pointed that out right away. He said, 'Five guys on defense.' It's just the way the board fell. It was a great effort by everybody. I probably say it every year — it doesn't work out 100 percent the way that you want it — but it was darn good. It was really good. We had players in the right places to get them. The amount of work, preparation all worked out. Everybody works really well together. The coaches are happy, so it worked well. I will say, I've never been part of a draft that didn't work well either. We all think it's great today. Looks great today, but we'll find out in training camp about some of these guys. As far as where we are right now, yes we are very pleased."

On QB Easton Stick:

"[We liked] a lot of things. He's a great leader. He's very smart. He's tough. Obviously, he's won a lot of games at North Dakota State. As a quarterback, he's very athletic with very good feet. He can process quickly with his eyes. He has touch and accuracy. He's a quarterback that we really dialed in on. We really like his game. We actually brought him in for a visit pretty late in the process so our coaches could spend some more time with him. He's a guy that we really like. For quarterbacks that don't really go high in the draft, we think he has a lot of qualities that are 'make it' qualities. He's a fifth-round pick. When you look at his production in college, his toughness, his leadership — his intangibles are off the charts. He's a great athlete, too, in the pocket as far as moving around, making plays with his feet and extending the play. He's very accurate. Like I said, he has great touch with the ball. He has great poise — doesn't get rattled very easily. There are a lot of qualities that we look for in a quarterback."

On if Stick could be used in other ways besides quarterback due to his athleticism:

"Possibly. He's a quarterback right now."

On LB Drue Tranquill:

"Early in his career, he was a safety — a big-hitting safety and they moved him to linebacker. He's very athletic and very smart. Those are two great things to have — to have the instincts and the foot speed, that's a good combination. He's another player with just great make up and intangibles as far as his work ethic, football intelligence, his drive to be great. I think he's a two-time captain there. He has all of the traits that we look for on special teams. He can play multiple linebacker positions for us. I've said this probably since the beginning of the season — that's a position group that we had to add some depth, too. Even more so losing Kyle Emanuel this year. We're very happy to draft him as well as [LB Emeke] Egbule."

On LB Emeke Egbule:

"He's a bigger linebacker, but fast and hits. He's a run-and-hit linebacker. He's a physical player. Again, he has a lot of special teams qualities that we need. We wanted to add to that group, add a little bit of speed, add a little bit of size. Egbule certainly brings the size — he's about 6-2, 245. He plays the game with an aggressive tempo."

On which linebacker spots Egbule could play:

"He's an OTTO, but really he would play OTTO, MIKE or WILL. Any of those three."

On taking prospects that have a lot of developmental qualities:

"There's just not a lot of players that come out of college ready to go. Part of this development and teaching. Our offensive line, we have a pretty good group right now. We saw a player that has a lot of tools, that has, really, a huge amount of upside for us. Obviously, a quarterback taken in the fifth round — yeah, it's going to take some development, but it is what it is. After a first-round pick — you hope your first-round pick can come in and play a pretty big role, but after that these guys need work. [S Nasir] Nas Adderley, he needs some work. He needs some development. They do all the way down. That's why I don't get hung up on if you're taking players in the fifth, sixth, seventh round, but they're not really filling needs on your football team. You're just hoping those guys can come in and make a contribution. A lot of these have a lot of development and a lot of work to do."

On drafting no underclassmen:

"No [that wasn't part of the plan]. I actually didn't know that until you said that. I know, for us, once they declare for the draft, they go up on the board. Whether you're a redshirt sophomore, junior, senior or redshirt senior — I guess it doesn't really matter at that point anymore. When you do have players coming in that are four-year seniors, they're going to be a little more mature than a true junior, who is young at 20 or 21 years old. A little more mature, which is a good thing. This is a big jump from college to pro. A lot of it is mental maturity level and players realizing that this is now a job for them to do. This is their career. This is what they do for a living. They're not on scholarship anymore. They come into a job where, every year — and even more so than that, throughout the year — players are coming in and may take your job. It's now a business for them. If you get a kid that's a little bit older, a little more mature, it's nice. It's probably secondary for us, but it's certainly a bonus."

On not drafting a wide receiver speaking to who is already on the roster:

"It speaks both ways. Yes, we like those guys — and the board is the board. There wasn't a player there that we felt was better than what we had."

On DT Cortez Broughton having versatility:

"Yeah, probably more interior than on the edge, but yes."

On the process of signing undrafted free agents:

"Yeah, it's very important. Every year, one, two or three of those guys make it. We put a lot of work into it. That's what the guys are finishing up right now. It's a big part of the process. Those guys can come in and compete for jobs like the rest of these players. Hopefully we hit on one or two more this year."

On potentially signing more linebackers:

"Well, we're going to sign a good amount of college free agents right now. We'll probably let the dust settle and just see where we are right now. As I think of our depth chart in my head right now, it's probably a little fuzzy. I need to sit down and look at it, see what happened. If you guys asked me right now who we picked in four, five, six, and seven, I'd probably miss somebody. I get a little bit fuzzy after the draft. We'll look at it and see where we are. There are still a good amount of free agents that are unsigned right now in the league — which I guess is typical for after the draft, but there are still some players out there. We'll see if anybody maybe can help us, either now or as we move through the summer. You're never really done until we're done adding players."

On wave of post-June 1 cuts:

"Not so much June 1. There could be a second wave after May 9 when a lot of the UFAs, or all the UFAs, don't count to our compensatory pick selection anymore. There could be another wave after May 9, but it's also hard too because everyone just drafted seven and 10 players and signed between 15 and 20 free agents. There's not a lot of jobs available right now, but you never know. We'll see."

On potential contract extension for QB Philip Rivers:

"It's certainly something we'll talk about. Certainly. There's no doubt."

On if he talked to Rivers about drafting a QB:

"No, he's not really part of the personnel staff, so we didn't counsel with him. If it were up to him, we'd be picking all offense, probably — offensive line, running backs, receivers, tight ends. So no, we didn't check with him on that one. I'll tell you what though, he knows a lot about college football. When we're on road trips and there's games on Saturdays, he knows a lot of college players. He really does. He'd be a good scout."

On if team has picked up fifth-year option on DE Joey Bosa:


On his plans going forward:

"We'll get the college free agents signed today and then we have rookie minicamp in two weeks. Part of the process is kind of sitting down, looking at the roster right now. We'll see where and see if there's anything we can do to shore up going into OTAs. At certain positions, we have to go heavy with some injuries that we have — guys coming off postseason surgery. So, it never really ends. Now, we have to take a step back and evaluate the whole scouting process this past year and see what we can make better for next year, maybe make a couple of tweaks, couple changes. Ready for OTAs."

On getting other contract matters resolved soon:

"Yeah, I don't really have any timetables on those. They kind of come at their own pace."


On initial thoughts on the draft:

"I like it. We put a lot of work into this draft — coaches, scouts. I thought it came together pretty nicely. I thought we got some pretty good players. That's to be determined down the road, but I like what we have going in. I like what we did."

On Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley's thoughts:

"Gus beat Whiz [Whisenhunt] five to two today. Nah, those guys want what's best for the football team. That's just kind of the way the board fell, where we had the guys ranked."

On if team needs fit where the board fell:

I thought, at times, yeah. I thought it did match well with our needs, but we certainly didn't chase anything. We spent a lot of time putting those names in that board in certain orders. We follow that. We believe in it."

On QB Easton Stick:

"I like him. He's a winner. He went 49-3 at North Dakota State. He's a sharp player. He's creative when he has to be. He's a passer. I like him a lot. I think he's a good prospect and he'll get a chance to compete."

On similarities to Saints QB Taysom Hill's abilities:

"He can do some of that, absolutely. He runs the RPOs and he's also a pretty mobile guy. They do a lot of things with him. We are going to teach him our system. He's going to play quarterback for us. We have running backs — we don't a need a quarterback that can run all over the place, but he can certainly create when he has to."

On if he views Stick as a QB:

"He's a quarterback. I like the way he played quarterback and led that football team. Sure, there may be a wrinkle or two that he can do that maybe others can't, but we'll use him the best we can."

On S Nasir Adderley:

"First of all, he has to come in and compete. We have [S] Rayshawn [Jenkins] at that position, [S] Jaylen [Watkins] at that position, so it's not like he's a day-one starter or anything like that, but we like what we saw on tape. This young man has a lot of range. He's a good tackler. He's got good ball skills. We just think he's going to bring much-needed depth to our secondary after losing [S] Jahleel [Addae]."

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