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Transcript - Head Coach Anthony Lynn (Dec. 24, 2018)

Monday, December 24, 2018 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


On how he felt after seeing the Kansas City Chiefs game last night:

"You think about it for a second, what could have been and what should've been. All that, but it doesn't do you any good. The only thing we can control right now is playing our best ball against Denver on Sunday."

On if Kansas City plays before or at the same time as the Chargers on Sunday:

"It's at the same time."

On if they will rest players versus Denver:

"Oh no. We're in no position to rest anybody. We're not trying to limit ourselves. We're trying to go in and win. No, we have to play everybody."

On back-to-back penalties (pass interference and illegal shift):

"What [WR] Keenan's [Allen] was, was a set on the ball so we threw a nice ball to [WR] Mike Williams for the first down. I think it was like third-and-14 and it got called back because he has to be on the ball and he has to be ready to play. We did that to ourselves. That was a pre-snap penalty and it was uncalled for."

On how big those two penalties were:

"Those two plays were critical, but there were a lot of plays that could've made a difference in the game — but those two plays were definitely critical."

On RB Melvin Gordon III:

"Melvin was okay. About like everybody else. We didn't play our best ball in that game. For Melvin, after having three weeks off, just watching him run around, he didn't look like he was limping at all. I wanted to see him get back in the rhythm and, unfortunately, that didn't happen. I thought he ran hard. He ran extremely hard and I think he's okay."

On the defense:

"I thought defense, in the second half, stepped up. We got some critical stops when we needed stops. They had a goal line stand. When you play a team like this, that play that style of football, field goals are like touchdowns. Every point matters because they like to keep it close, make it physical, control the clock and win at the end. That's what they did."

On the touchdown by Ravens TE Mark Andrews:

"[Ravens QB] Lamar [Jackson] made a hell of a throw. The young man caught it and we couldn't get him down. We just couldn't get him down."

On making sure Gordon is fully healthy going into playoffs:

"He has to play. He has to play. That's how you shake the rust off is by playing. We want to make sure he is well-rested going into the playoffs, but he has to play enough to get the rust off."

On if it's more important that Gordon is rested:

"Oh absolutely, but if he can help us win by being on the field then we're going to leave him on the field. We're going into this game no different than any other game. We're not worried about resting people, we're trying to win the game. I think Herm Edwards said it best, 'We play to win.'"

On RB Austin Ekeler:

"I think Austin will be back this week. I'm not sure but I think he will."

On playing Denver again and if playing them at their stadium is a motivation:

"Well they did come in here and beat us, they did do that. They are a division game, it's a common opponent. That should be enough motivation right there to go play the game and win. I'm not really worried about that."

On the pressure Baltimore's defense put on QB Philip Rivers:

"Some of it was scheme. They did a nice job on running some big plays up front to cause some sacks, but some of it was not winning your one-on-ones and some of it was just getting rid of the football. It wasn't all on the offensive line."

On if the running backs worked well against Baltimore's blitz defense:

"That can happen when the running backs block all day, sure. We knew they were a blitz team, we were preparing for that. We just didn't play our best ball."

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