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Philip Rivers Responds to Rumors Bolts Might Draft His Successor

Philip Rivers knows the day will eventually come that the Los Angeles Chargers draft a quarterback.

The Bolts have actually drafted three QBs from the moment Rivers arrived in 2004, but the next could very well be his successor.

That question was among a litany number 17 faced as the Chargers began the 2017 offseason program. While he has no plans to retire anytime soon, he admits it's a matter of when, not if, the Bolts will add a QB who will one day take over the reins.

"I think we're going to (draft a QB) at some point," he said.  "I'm not going to be here forever, and you know that's part of this business.  Shoot, you look around the league in different places; (like) in New England, they've drafted a handful of guys in the last few years and they've got one of the best to ever play and it looks like he's still got a lot in the tank.  I think that's just one example, and there's been many."

If you believe the NFL rumor mill, that day could come later this month. Experts believe the Chargers could be planning to take a quarterback.  In fact, Head Coach Anthony Lynn mentioned last week he believes the time is right to add one onto the roster.

"I think we do have to get a young quarterback on campus," he said at the league meeting in Arizona. "We need to start developing someone because we have two veteran quarterbacks, and both of them are long in the tooth.  I think they have some good years left in them; don't get me wrong.  But you have to start thinking about down the line, too…I would love for a young quarterback to get in here and learn from Philip. Philip is the ultimate pro in my opinion.  We have a good situation for a young quarterback that doesn't have to come in and play right now.  He can sit, watch and learn."

So how would Rivers react if the team selects a QB in this year's draft?

"I certainly don't fear that day when it comes whatsoever," he said. "I don't take it as my role though (that) we drafted a young guy who's your eventual replacement so get him ready. But at the same time, I enjoy sharing both things I've learned and letting the young guy see how I've done things.  At the same time, I'm always going to compete.  I think Kellen (Clemens) would tell you the same thing.  He and I compete like crazy in everything.  We're competing with formations and shifts in the QB meeting in day one install like we've been doing for a lot of years.  So, that's something all of us have to (do). Compete and never feel comfortable.  Should this be the year there's a young guy in here, who will come in here and be in what I would believe would be a pretty good situation."

Presenting your 2017 Los Angeles Chargers.

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