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Philip Rivers' Reaction to Remaining in San Diego

Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos announced Friday that the team will remain in San Diego through at least 2016

The Chargers have an option and an agreement with the Los Angeles Rams to go to Inglewood in the next year, but Spanos' focus is on staying in San Diego for the future.

How did Philip Rivers react to the news?

"Obviously I'm fired up, as I know the guys will be in that building," he said shortly after the announcement.  "Hopefully the fans are as fired up as we are.    We get at least one more go out at Qualcomm and in San Diego.  It is exciting news, so I am fired up."

While the Bolts are committed to finding a solution in San Diego, uncertainty still remains as the team embarks on finding a long term answer to building a new stadium.  Nonetheless, Rivers is grateful to have at least one more season to play in front of the fans in America's Finest City.

"We still have a ways to go before the season starts, and a lot can happen as far as progress toward something more concrete here.  But I think it will be more of an embracing atmosphere this year among everyone.  I thought it was last year, but even more so now because like with anything, when you think it is over and you have another shot, you appreciate it that much more.  I hope it is a two-way deal with our fans and community.  I hope we can all rally behind the chance to be here forever."

Even though 2015 was a rough year for the Bolts on the field, there is one memory that the quarterback will cherish forever.  It is also a moment he hopes repeats itself each Sunday going forward.

"I know it is probably impossible to recreate the exact emotion and atmosphere that was there against Miami at home in that last game, especially because that was a farewell type of emotion. But hopefully what the stadium and energy was like that day, it can be like that for 10 home games.  Obviously eight regular season and two preseason games for sure, and hopefully a playoff game or two. Hopefully our fans are reengaged, and our community is reengaged, and we can have a bounce back season."

Finally, the quarterback offered a message straight from his heart to the fans heading into 2016.

"I know this has been an emotional ride for many with all the uncertainty, but I hope everyone respects and understands to an extent what an owner and team has to do for the organization.  I know this has been a roller coaster, and as a player, I focus on what I can control.  But hopefully the fans as a community won't get caught up in all that has happened and can get fired up for a 56th season in San Diego.  Hopefully they can get fired up about being a part of this community for another year, and hopefully many more." 

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