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Philip Rivers Offers Poignant Message to Darren Sproles

When the 2017 schedule came out in April, Darren Sproles eyed a Week 4 date against the Chargers; a rare chance to go against the team that drafted him in the fourth round out of Kansas State in 2005.

Instead, the 13-year veteran faces questions about his future after being placed on the Reserve/Injured list with a torn ACL and broken arm. 

A member of the Chargers 50th Anniversary Team, Sproles made his mark on teammates and fans alike during six memorable seasons with the Bolts. 

Prior to the Week 4 match against the Philadelphia Eagles, and with Sproles out for the season, Philip Rivers was asked about his thoughts on the popular running back. Number 17 couldn't help but break out into an ear-to-ear smile at the mere mention of his former teammate's name.  His response speaks volumes not only about Sproles' ability on the field, but character off of it.

Here is what Rivers had to say:

*"I was able to reach out to Darren and tell him sorry about the injury. It's crazy; two tough injuries. *

I don't know if this will be it for him or not, but what a career he's had.  Three places he's been (and) what he's done.  I think I saw where if he does decide to retire, he's going to be eighth all-time in all purpose yards in the history of the NFL.  I mean, that's unreal.

*I know this becomes cliché, but as good as he was (as a) player, he was even that good or better of a teammate.  He was a guy where you won't find anybody who says they don't like Darren Sproles.  Everybody loved him in the locker room.  He was a quiet guy, but with a big personality.  *

He loved to play.  Whatever role that was.  If you were going to throw him three screens that week or going to hand it to him, he would just do whatever you asked of him. And then he'd stepped in there and block a bunch a Mike linebacker that was barreling down on you, and fight like crazy to hold up.

What a career he had.  It was awesome.  Hopefully it's not the end for him, but he's one when you think back, if I had a long time to think back, I'd think of hundreds of guys who I played with that I appreciate.  But if you said rattle off 10 guys as fast as you can, he'd be on the list for sure."

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