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Philip Rivers Embracing Fresh Start

Nunc Coepi has become a well-known and used phrase at Chargers Park thanks to Philip Rivers.

Latin for "Now We Begin", it was never more appropriate than it was on Monday.  In fact, number 17 donned a black hat emblazoned with the phrase as he addressed the media following the first day of the offseason program.

Entering his 13th NFL season, the official start of the 2016 workouts had a different feel for Rivers following the Chargers worst season during his tenure. 

"We're 0-0," Rivers bluntly said.  "The team that gathered today was not 4-12."

Monday marked a fresh start at Chargers Park as the team reunited for the first time since a dismal 2015 came to a close.  New faces joined familiar ones as the Bolts embarked on a vital nine-week program to get them ready for the season.

"There are obviously some new guys we signed in free agency, some guys we were able to retain and guys who were already under contract who are back. But (this is) really when it starts. Yeah, we are going to lift, run and do all those things that you do.  Different exercises and things you do to prevent injuries.  But really, it's the time that you start to become a team. You start to develop that camaraderie, that trust and that love for one another.  I think this is when it really starts; when you spend that time together in the weight room and running those sprints."

It also marked a chance for many of the players to meet new coaches.  The team added nine new coaches this offseason, including the return of Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.  While their interaction is limited to the classroom, their understanding of one another  will be pivotal this offseason.

"Now, different than it was many years ago, you can meet and start the football part of it too," Rivers said of Phase I.  "It's really a time where guys can learn the systems, learn the little things we're going to do (and) the little tweaks we are going to make to certain plays.  You really dive into the football part as well."

While Rivers relished the chance to meet new additions such as Travis Benjamin, Casey Hayward to name a few, he also appreciates seeing familiar faces.  More poignantly, after watching a number of teammates suffer through an injury plagued 2015 campaign, it was a welcomed sight to see them healthy and on the field.

"Just seeing those guys out there running around (was good)," he said.  "From Chris Watt to Orlando (Franklin) to King (Dunlap), guys running, healthy and feeling good. Then obviously some of the additions, seeing (those) guys in here as well.  Every year it is a new team (and) a new group.  You have that carry over, but I think you start right now (seeing) how quickly we can become a team. Coach says that a lot, but that's the part of it that I really truly believe and think is most important right now.  How quickly can we become that team and develop the kind of camaraderie, love and trust in one another?"

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