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Philip Rivers Adds to Legacy with History-Making Performance

Philip Rivers seems to reach historic marks on a weekly basis, with some naturally more meaningful than others.

The record he set Thursday night is one of the most significant of his 13-year career.

Two plays into the second quarter, number 17 darted away from the pass rush and delivered a strike to Hunter Henry, who ran 12 yards for a first down.

Just like that, Philip Rivers passed Dan Fouts for the most passing yards in San Diego Chargers history.

"This one was definitely special," he acknowledged.  "I think making it even more special was wearing the uniforms we have.  I know they didn't wear the all blue there, but that color blue was what they wore back in that era when Dan was playing.  So that made it even more special."

Although aware the mark was within reach entering the game, Rivers didn't realize he passed it until it flashed on BoltVision before the next defensive drive. Immediately, number 17 flashed back to the countless players over 13 seasons that helped him achieve this mark, making it a particularly poignant accomplishment.

"Just very thankful," he continued.  "You think about all of those yards, how many guys were on the other end of the pass, how many guys were in front fighting like crazy blocking for you and how many coaches have called plays and done preparation for you.  So you see how many people are involved in that and I'm just thankful.  Really, that's the word that comes to mind – thankful. To be able to be here that long, have that accomplishment and have so many people be a part of it."

While the much needed victory over the Denver Broncos was the talk of the locker room, Rivers' significant accomplishment was a close second. Head Coach Mike McCoy choked up in his postgame press conference while discussing his quarterback.

"Those are two phenomenal quarterbacks (in Fouts and Rivers)," he said. "I think the San Diego Chargers organization is very fortunate to have two of the best of all time.  Philip is the best in the business….  He's a special player and it doesn't matter who's in the huddle with him.  He just shows up to work every single day, busts his tail, does his job, leads this organization (and) goes out and performs week in and week out at the highest level.  That's the only way he knows how to do play.  More important than any of that stuff, he's one of the greatest human beings around."

Antonio Gates has accounted for a significant chunk of the production, leading the way with 8,255 of Rivers' 43,094 career yards. Afterward, he reflected on what the record means to him personally, as well as how he feels about his good friend and teammate.

"I can say this about him, he is an unbelievable competitor," Gates mentioned. "We sit and talk in the locker room about some of the milestones and how unbelievable it is to see us pass some of the guys that we watched and we hear about all the time. To be in the situation where he is (as) the all-time leading passer says a lot about him and the people that surround him; that is hard to do in San Diego so I am happy for him."

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