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Mike McCoy Weighs in On Joey Bosa Update and Damion Square Suspension

Contract negotiations between the Chargers and Joey Bosa were at the forefront on Wednesday when the Bolts gave an update on where things stood with the third overall pick.

On Thursday, Head Coach Mike McCoy weighed in on the team's statement, explaining feelings on the defensive end as well as his message to the players.

"Everybody understands the business side," he said.  "There is a business side to this, but we all understand the type of player Joey is.  He loves the game.  He plays with passion, so I'm sure he is going crazy back home not being with his teammates. We all want him here.  Once he walks in the door, he's one of us.  That's how we're going to approach it.  We all want him here.  He knows that. He's a very talented player.  We saw that from the very first day he was here (this spring), so he is going to make us that much better when he gets here. I'm excited for him to be here, and can't wait for the day he walks in here and helps our team continue to improve and win a lot of games."

That sentiment was McCoy's underlying theme when answering numerous questions about the defensive end.  Eager to get him into the fold, the head coach stressed Bosa's passion for the game.

"When Joey gets here, we'll evaluate where he is.  I can tell you this.  I promise you he is working his tail off wherever he is and with whoever he is working with.  He loves the game of football.  He's a very talented player.  He's going to help us win a lot of games."

Bosa wasn't the only defensive lineman to make news this week as the NFL announced that defensive tackle Damion Square will be suspended the first four games of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

"It's tough," McCoy said.  "He made a mistake, and he'll tell you the same thing.  It's unfortunate, and I think the hardest part for players is when you let your teammates down.  I feel for him, but he made a mistake and he's got to live with that.  It's going to hurt the team, and I've told him that."

Between Bosa's absence and Square's looming suspension, the head coach stressed the opportunity is there for the taking for other players looking to make their mark.

 "This is an opportunity of a lifetime with the situation we're currently in. Hopefully that changes in the near future here, but these are reps you can never get back.  That is something I tell the players. Take advantage of every rep you get….It's an opportunity for the guys right now to show that they can do it.  We're missing a couple guys.  We understand that.  But can you step up and take advantage of the opportunity?"

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