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Melvin Gordon Adds Another Chapter to Impressive Preseason

Melvin Gordon began the preseason with a highlight-reel 44-yard touchdown catch.

Assuming he sits out Thursday night's game against the 49ers, he ended it in similar fashion.

The second-year running back added to his impressive preseason with a 39-yard run against the Minnesota Vikings in which he showcased his breakaway ability.  Rivers audibled into the play at the last second, and as soon as he took the snap, was greeted by the linebacker.  Luckily, he put the ball in Gordon's breadbasket before hitting the ground.  Number 28 did the rest, turning on the jets and taking it to the house.

As Gordon spoke in the looker room, a familiar voice gave him a strong pat on the back and a big smile.

"Oooh, Mr. Touchdown!," laughed Head Coach Mike McCoy.   "How do you feel after your second NFL touchdown? Second of many, right?"

Gordon nodded in agreement.

The running back kept his cool and remained focused after his second touchdown of the preseason.  Still, he admitted a pattern has emerged as he heads into the regular season feeling more confident and mature.

"It's always good when you can be explosive out there for the offense," he said.  "Credit to those guys for helping me out.  It's not just me; obviously I need help doing it. But it's always great when you can go out there and make more and more explosive plays."

McCoy agrees.

"The first one (against the Titans) was the first of many in his NFL career, so I'm very happy.  I've been saying this all offseason long, all training camp long and (in preseason games).  I'm very pleased with what Melvin's done and the way he's come back and worked extremely hard.  It's just another one of his touchdowns in his career, and he'll have plenty of those coming."

The head coach talked all offseason about the other 10 players around Gordon needing to do their jobs better as well in order to jumpstart the running game.  That includes Rivers, who the head coach explained, has the autonomy to check in and out of runs.  Number 17 did just that, changing the play to what would be the 39-yard touchdown run after reading the defense.

"I kind of just heard (him call) the play really quick," Gordon said.  "I almost didn't hear it, and kind of heard it at the last second.  The linebacker had blitzed, and it turned out in our favor.  As soon as he blitzed, there was no one there…. Obviously (Rivers has) been doing it for a while so he knows the game.  There isn't a front or a blitz that he hasn't seen. He watches film probably more than anybody on our team.  He's seen everything, so you know he's going to put you into a good run."

Even though it was a preseason game, it was a play that meant a ton to Gordon as it came in front of countless friends and family who made the short trek to U.S. Bank Stadium.

"It means a lot when they're here and they are able to help support me.  My games are in California and they don't really have the money and time to fly to every game.  When it's a close game like this, I'm really appreciative."

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