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McCoy Weighs in On Physical Practice

It was a spirited, physical practice Wednesday afternoon at Chargers Park.

After Dexter McCoil hit Isaiah Burse in the open field, Tyreek Burwell came over to stand up for his teammate.  Later, Nick Dzubnar jolted Melvin Gordon III on a pass out of the backfield that also led to some words.

Head Coach Mike McCoy was asked about the physical nature of today's practice during his press conference and weighed in with his opinion:

"It's a matter of the guys going out there and competing.  That's what we want every day, but we've got to be smart against each other and play smart football.  This is our team, and we've got to take care of one another. But it's going to be physical.  We've been preaching that from the offseason through the last couple days in pads.  It's going to be a physical camp.

*I just reminded Dexter on the one (hit) just to be smart there. We don't want that in practice, but I know there is going to be instincts that take over. He was the first guy to go over there and apologize to the receiver. It's going to happen from time to time.  I love the way they are competing.  It's going to be a physical camp, but the most important thing is the health of our team and being smart against one another." *

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