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McCoy on Bosa: "He Needs to Be Here"

Head Coach Mike McCoy took his usual spot at the podium following the first practice of training camp and immediately addressed the elephant in the room.

"It sure is nice to get back on the field with everybody and get all 90 guys – or 89 I should say – out here practicing."

That 90th man of course is Joey Bosa, who has yet to reach a contract agreement with the Chargers. While the head coach did not have any new information to relay on the status of their discussions, he explained how the first round pick is missing valuable time with the team.

"He definitely needs to be out here as a rookie," he said. "(I don't have) any update on the status. Tom (Telesco) made his comments the other day, it's the same today and we will keep working at that.  He needs to be here, everybody needs to be here, especially as a younger player for the installations, playing with your teammates, things like that. We are going to coach the players who are here, and the players who are here did a nice job today."

So what specifically is he missing?

"The individual work with your teammates, the system; it's important for everyone to be here for training camp to get the timing down and continue to work with one another.  The more you play together, the faster you'll be able to play game day."

Philip Rivers went through a similar experience his rookie year, as he did not sign his contract until after training camp began.

"It's not any fun, that's for sure," he said.  "You try not to watch the sports and the news and see your team practicing and you not being out there.  I know it's a hard situation to be in.  When it gets done, it'll get done.  He'll be here and be a part of it.  From what I've seen this offseason, he's going to be a big part of it.  Hopefully it's sooner than later."

While disappointed that Bosa hasn't signed yet, Rivers says the team will welcome him with open arms once he arrives.

"My approach has always been these guys are our teammates.  (Football's) not normal.  There is that business side to it.  It's not like anybody in the locker room is upset with him.  When he gets here, he'll trot out there and we'll play like he's been out there the whole time….As a player and a teammate, obviously you want to see him here, but I also know what it's like in that spot."

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