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Malcom Floyd Has Turned into the Ultimate Chargers Fan

Look through the best moments of Malcom Floyd's 12 year career with the Chargers.

It's Sunday afternoon and Malcom Floyd is running full speed, looking back as Philip Rivers fires a pass deep downfield. His heart is in his throat as the ball approaches the Chargers' top deep threat.

Only M-80 isn't on the field.

He is running around his mom's living room watching his former quarterback launch a ball downfield into the arms of Tyrell Williams for a touchdown.

In retirement, the former fan favorite has turned into the ultimate fan of the team he represented for 12 seasons. Now residing in Sacramento, you can barely get a word in on the phone before he speaks a mile a minute talking about his Bolts.

"Oh my God! It's crazy!  I'm sitting around watching them and I'm running around my mom's house screaming! Oh man.  Do you see Tyrell out there? Tell Philip (Rivers) I never got that many passes thrown my way in a game! It's awesome.  He's doing great.  And Travis (Benjamin)? Oh man, he is so good, too.  I'm so nervous watching them out there seeing Philip and (Antonio) Gates.  It's crazy.  All his touchdowns and the way they are playing this many years into it, it's crazy."

Floyd then pauses, takes a deep breath and makes a poignant statement.

"From a guy that is just hanging out and on his own schedule, they are like Gods."

From 2004-15, Floyd lived the life of an NFL player.  Nowadays, his life couldn't be more different.

"Well, I just dropped the kids off at school and now I've got to go to the DMV."

M-80 hung up his cleats last season with 321 career catches for 5,550 yards and 34 touchdowns over 121 games.  His 17.3 yards per catch is the fourth highest mark in team history (minimum 250 receptions) and second most in the NFL over the years he was in the league.  He still ranks eighth in franchise history in receiving yards, 10th in touchdown catches and 10th in career receptions.

These days, Floyd runs a two hour after school program for under privileged students.  His new job is what prevented him from flying in for the Chargers alumni weekend in early November.  Between enjoying time with his own kids (ages seven, five, two and 11 months) and giving back to other students, Floyd is attacking his post-playing career with the same vigor and enthusiasm in which he played the game.

"I'm enjoying the after school program where we mentor the kids and give tutoring through athletics.  I'm like the only adult out there with 60 kids!  It's fun.  I'm out there playing football with them, basketball, having dunk contests and Call of Duty.  The kids range from two-year olds up to high schoolers.  And they wipe me out! But it's fun.  I love it. I'm lucky to have my own kids and interact with them, and also these others. It's a bad neighborhood they're in, but they are responding well.  I've got medals for them when they earn them, and give them pizza after we play every day. The kids are turning around, so it's been (rewarding)."

Still, come Sundays, his day revolves around the Bolts. 

While he no longer plays, Floyd is still making an impact on the field. It's clear the work ethic he instilled over 12 memorable years is a legacy he left behind that still lives on through the current players. No one represents the passing of the torch more than Tyrell Williams.

Floyd took the undrafted rookie under his wing last year, and is proud of number 16 as he is off to a breakout season. However, there is one area he is disappointed in when talking about Williams

"Did he break my record?  Tell me he didn't break my record!"

The record Floyd refers to is the Charger who reaches peak speed during practice. The team's training staff monitors the players each day on the field, and no one could ever pass M-80's hustle as he routinely posted the highest marks.

That is until this year as the coaches confirmed that Williams indeed passed Floyd's mark for top speed. 

It's only fitting.

"Oh man, I hoped he didn't break it but good for him.  I'm so proud of him. It's crazy, I'm watching him on TV and I guess I helped him out.  But I'm telling you, he is better than me out there! I never had that many catches or production in a game so often. I'm screaming, 'Go Tyrell!  Do it bro!'"

Floyd and Williams remain in contact to this day, and the second-year wide receiver can't help but smile and laugh when asked about their relationship.

"I learned a lot from Malcom and owe him a lot.  On the field he helped me (learn) how to get in and out of breaks.  Off the field, it's harder to explain. Coming from a small school like he did, he helped me get acclimated and accustomed last year. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have that one year with him.  It's a comfort type thing as far as personally off the field. It's awesome to hear from him and to stay in contact."


Another who shared a special relationship with M80 is his former quarterback.  Rivers also can't help but let out a big grin when talking about his longtime wideout.

"It's been good to text with him here and there," he said.  "Watching film (from past years), you turn it on and there he is.  So I think about him often. He's inspired a lot of guys with his story and how they can (relate) like Tyrell. I know (Malcom) is pulling for us like crazy.  He was always one of the best teammates.  He never got down on anybody and lifted them up. It's good to know he's still rooting for us from afar."

While Floyd has always had the utmost respect and admiration for Rivers, watching him on TV has given him a new level of appreciation.

"I'm sitting back and watching him thinking, 'Wow, he is burning *all types *of energy out there.' It's not just (physical) energy, but his mental (abilities) too.  He is able to do things and get guys in position, so it's mental and physical.  I respect him so much.  What he has done for so long, and at such a high level, it's special. You have to appreciate guys like that. I've been texting Philip and Antonio during the games just giving them encouragement as a fan. They are trying their hardest, and I'm telling them to be positive and keep them up."

As a lengthy 20-minute discussion about the Bolts comes to an end, Floyd interrupts and sheepishly asks to make one thing clear.

He then shouts at the top of his lungs.

"I will always consider myself a San Diego Charger until the day I die!"

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