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Lynn Shares Insight on How He'll Use Melvin Gordon, Antonio Gates, Hunter Henry and More

The third installment in our four-part fan Q&A session with Chargers brass at the NFL Scouting Combine continues with Head Coach Anthony Lynn.

I believe Melvin Gordon broke out because he had so many touches to get in a groove.  I like that old school mentality of getting a guy a bunch of carries to find his groove.  Why do you think Gordon can be as effective with less touches when Branden Oliver comes back if he can't get into his rhythm? – Pete McDowell

Lynn:"I believe in using multiple running back.  That's the way we'll do it. But, it doesn't matter who is in the backfield with Melvin; if he is (in a groove) then we'll keep giving it to him over and over.  I'm a proponent of let the hot hand roll.  If Melvin touches the ball and Melvin produces, Melvin will stay in the game. But, we will be using multiple running backs."

How do you feel about home field advantage and playing at the StubHub center next year? Honest opinion. – Cory Morris

Lynn:"I feel good about it.  I mean, *really good.  *Yeah, it's a smaller venue, but that will make it exciting for us and the fans. It'll be packed with Charger fans too, so I feel good about it."

Will switching to a 4-3 be a big deal as far as learning curve? – Chris Duke

Lynn:"Man, everyone asks that questions! It won't be a big change, really. The Chargers weren't really a 3-4 team last year. It was 3-4 personnel with four down spacing.  It'll be a smooth transition."

Coach Lynn you are known for a stellar running attack. In implementing that scheme, will we be seeing more 12 personnel in 2017 with Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry both on the field at the same time? – Paul Maland

Lynn: "It's going to depend on the situation.  Once we dissect the defense we're facing that week, that'll dictate what personnel is on the field.  Sometimes it can be big. Sometimes it can be small.  I like to take what defenses give me.  But when you have two weapons like that in Gates and Hunter, you definitely want them on the field.  You'll see them on the field together, but the amount will depend on the defense we are facing."

Coach Lynn, if you had to compare yourself to another head coach, any head coach from any sport, or even a fictional HC, an example being Gordon Bombay from the movie The Mighty Ducks, who would that be? P.S. GO BOLTS! – Adam Beaton

Lynn (laughing heartily)"Man, I'm going to go with the guy from the Mighty Ducks!!!  Great movie!"

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