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Lynn Dishes on Free Agency, O-Line and Creating a Deceptive Offense

The final installment in our four-part fan Q&A session with Chargers brass at the NFL Scouting Combine ends with Head Coach Anthony Lynn.

With free agency approaching quickly, and with a brand new coaching staff, what exactly are you guys looking for in a free agent this time around? Not exactly what players/positions you're going after (since I realize that's confidential) but more along the lines of what physical/mental qualities and core values are being sought out. In a word, what attributes best describe what you're looking for in a new Charger? – Mike Mantecon

Lynn:"A guy's talent has to match his intangibles.  If there's a guy who can come in and obviously upgrade (us), we'll look at him.  We have some needs.  We'll deal with the best talent available but we want someone to come in, work hard and bring some leadership to the team.  If it's an older guy, he has to have those intangibles.  If it's a younger guy, he has to have tremendous upside.  We're not going to bring guys in just to bring them in. We'll have specific roles for guys."

Coach Lynn, I love offenses that are deceptive. How do you plan on making the offense more deceptive? – Ernesto Vega

Lynn:"There are lots of ways you can do that.  We'll do it with formations, smaller personnel groupings and moving guys around a little bit.  But defenses today are so sophisticated, and it's hard to see the defense.  It's not about deceiving them.  You have to out-execute them."

Hi Coach Lynn. There has been concern from fans in regard to the O-Line play the last few years here. The question I have is how would you assess the O-Line? – Travis Pate

Lynn:"We need to play better there, and we can do that with the guys we have. There are a lot of areas we can improve on offense that will help the line as well.  We're definitely going to try to upgrade as we see fit, too. But if we have the same offensive line we had last year, it's going to be our job as coaches and players to make it work."

What is it you want to hear from prospects when you meet with them at the Combine? – Gabriel Chase

Lynn:"I want guys who love the game.  Guys who love the game tend to have a passion that will drive you and they tend to play the game for the right reasons."

A peek inside the Chargers suite at Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2017 Scouting Combine.

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