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Keenan Allen in Midst of Greatest WR Stretch in NFL History

Hyperbole is common leaguewide in the NFL.

Still, it can't be emphasized enough how brilliant Keenan Allen has been over the last three games.

Need proof?

After catching 10 passes for 105 yards and one TD, Allen became the first player in *NFL history *to record at least 10 receptions, 100 receiving yards and one touchdown in three consecutive games.

Let that sink in for a second.

All in all, KA13 has caught 33 passes for 436 yards and four touchdowns over his historic stretch.

Not only that, he's come through when the team has needed him the most.

Need four yards on fourth down from the Browns' 35?

Just chuck it up in Allen's direction for a 26-yard catch despite being held by the defender.

Struggling to find paydirt?

Let Allen show off his smooth route-running and quick release in the red zone, then find him for a seven-yard TD strike over the middle to blow the game open. 

Allen is simply playing at an unprecedented, beyond Pro Bowl level right now, and Philip Rivers plans to savor it for as long as it lasts. 

"Honestly, I think we have always wanted to push him the football," he said.  "Now, will he able to keep this pace?  It obviously has been a streak that has never been done... I am one of those that really just wants to stay in the moment and enjoy (this streak)."

While Allen has taken his play of late to another level, number 17 was also quick to point out the impact he had early in the year as well.

"You don't just have three good games and get to 1,000 yards. He did something to get to this point and get to where he is third or fourth in the league in catches. It didn't just happen the last three weeks, but it certainly has been an awesome three weeks… He is just a guy, again, that is so easy to feel as a quarterback when I am back there getting ready to throw it. He is just an easy guy. His body language is very inviting as far as when he is coming in on his cuts. I can just see it easily and well. Some of that is reps and some of that is just what makes him really good. The guy's ability to beat man coverage and to understand what the defense is doing is up there with the best of them."

Likewise, Allen is quick to credit Rivers for this historic stretch.

"He is so consistent," he said. "He's been amazing. He's getting us into the right plays and he's making the right reads. He has eyes in the right places at all times. Anytime he's rolling like that, it's easier for us to go out there and make plays."

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