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Joey Bosa, Joshua Perry Welcome Cardale Jones to Bolts' Buckeye Brotherhood

The 2014 National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes were already well represented on the Chargers in the form of defensive end Joey Bosa and outside linebacker Joshua Perry.

However, the acquisition of quarterback Cardale Jones on the eve of training camp brought the Bolts' Buckeye brotherhood to another level.

So, what was it like for Jones coming into a locker room with a pair of familiar faces?

"I didn't like them then, and I don't like them now," Jones says with a stern demeanor.

He waits a beat and then bursts out with a hearty laugh.

"Nah, they are awesome guys. It's pretty sweet to be around two guys I already know and love.  It makes this transition a lot easier.  I never could have imagined all of us playing together.  There are only 32 teams, and the draft is slim pickings, so to have two of my teammates I know (well) and transition to the NFL together; it's just sweet."

"It's crazy, but really cool to see him get a chance here," Bosa responded when asked his thoughts on having his former QB on his current team.  "He showed the entire country what he can do a couple years ago at Ohio State. He obviously has the arm and the tools to be a good quarterback in this league.  Getting to come here now with a guy like Philip (Rivers), he can really learn a lot.  This is a great situation for him to come to.  It's good to see him around again."

While Jones is thrilled to reunite with his former teammates, he's equally pleased he won't have to face off against the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Before being traded to the Bolts, the former Buffalo Bill knew the teams were set to face off later in the year.  Having spent so much time with Bosa at Ohio State, he's relieved he can watch number 99 in action rather than have to line up against him under center.

"That's the first thing I said when I saw the schedule when I was with Buffalo," Jones said.  "I said, 'Holy crap, I'm going to have to go against Joey.  He's going to be chasing after me!'  Now I get to watch him and Melvin (Ingram).  That's a blessing!" 

Meanwhile, Jones reunites with one of his closest friends in Perry. In fact, the quarterback spent Thanksgiving at the Perry household a few years ago, as the linebacker joked his mom may be the happiest person on the planet to see Jones join the Bolts.

"Cardale is such a jovial guy," Perry said. "But deeper than that, he's a real solid guy.  He's somebody I've been close to ever since we came into Ohio State together.  He transferred in the same year I came in mid-year.  So we've been close and even had Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  That's the type of relationship we have, so it's been really good to have him around again.  I feel more at home again."

Jones' magical run guiding the Buckeyes to the title is what put the quarterback on the map.  Perry sees that same QB under center now for the Chargers, and believes the trade was a coup for the team.

"Those memories from that year do come back watching him in practice.  That run was huge for our team, but for Cardale personally, that was huge.  He had been buried on our depth chart and lost in the sauce a little bit, but he's a really talented guy who didn't stop working.  He's one of those dudes in the film room until all hours of the night.  That's just the kind of guy he is, and you see that out here now. He's come into a new city with new things going on, but you see the talent.  The kid has a stupid good arm, and he's a great athlete.  It's exciting to have him around."

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