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Joe Lombardi on Justin Herbert's "Elite Skillset"

Chargers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi met with the media for the first time since assuming his new position on staff.

Here are key takeaways from his presser including his thoughts on Justin Herbert, offensive philosophy, and more.

"Elite Skillset"

Lombardi has been with the New Orleans Saints coaching future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees for 12 of his 15 seasons in the Big Easy.

Going from one of the best to ever do it in Brees to an ascending young talent in Herbert is exciting, according to Lombardi.

"He's got a skillset that is elite.It appears there's nothing he can't do. He's got an incredibly strong arm, good accuracy, and he's very athletic. It sounds like he is a really smart guy that is a good leader. He just checks all of the boxes. The sky's the limit with a player like that.

"Just evaluating him in the draft, you can see it. As he was starting to have his success this year, you paid a little bit more attention. You've seen his highlight throws … I've seen enough to know that I have no questions about his abilities. I mean, if you lined up all the quarterback skillsets in the NFL, he'd be at the very top, with couple of guys. Like I said, the sky's the limit with what he's able to do."

Weapons on Offense

Lombardi's worked with his fair share of Pro Bowl players throughout his 15-season NFL coaching career, from Brees to Calvin Johnson to Alvin Kamara.

But in L.A., he's got a new set of weapons at his disposal, and discussed what he's seen from players on the Bolts offense.

"Tom Telesco has really put together a lot of good pieces for this offense. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone just consistently get separation like [WR] Keenan Allen. Then, having another receiver like [WR] Mike [Williams] on other side of him. I know that [RB Austin] Ekeler has some of the skillset that I'm used to seeing in New Orleans with [former Saints RBs] Reggie [Bush] or Darren Sproles, or A.K. [Saints RB Alvin Kamara]. That's exciting, to have someone with that skillset. It's very exciting to come in knowing that those pieces are in place and that we have a good chance to hit the ground running."

Scouting Staley

Check out some photos of Brandon Staley's previous coaching stops that led him to be named the 17th head coach in Chargers history.

Lombardi first connected with head coach Brandon Staley in 2005 when he was Staley's OC/QBs coach at Mercyhurst. He said it didn't surprise him that Staley's had such a quick ascension in this league.

But as we know, while Staley has coached defenses in the NFL, he is a former QB, and Lombardi got a first-hand look at that back in the day.

"He was smart. He was athletic. When he was playing quarterback, he usually figured things out, and we moved the ball. I only was with him for one year. He played four years at Dayton, then came in to Mercyhurst to play his fifth year with his twin brother. They were really good memories. He was awfully smart and fun to be around."

Offensive Game Plan

Staley has talked at length about tailoring the Chargers offense to Herbert. Lombardi, who will serve as the play-caller on offense, agreed and mentioned they'll look to things Herbert has excelled at, both in college and his first pro season.

"We're going to build it around him. As we start this process, let's look at what he was most comfortable with last year and in his time at Oregon, and what he has had the most success with. Starting with those building blocks, here's a series of plays that you already know that you can find a completion because you know exactly where to go with the football. Just give him that comfort level at the start, knowing that he's starting with what he has been successful."

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