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"It Felt GREAT to be Back" by Branden Oliver

It felt GREAT to be back on the field Saturday night.  My body felt great and I didn't feel like I missed a beat since my last game in November. 

Overall I felt our running attack did well, but we know we still have work to do.  We roll as the big guys do up front, and they did a good job against the Titans.  I was real happy for Melvin though.  I know he wanted to get in that end zone bad.  It had been a long time for him, so that was a big relief.  I think it will give him a lot of confidence as well.

We just spent time watching the special teams film, and we did some good things there, too.  I've seen a lot of time at kickoff returner.  I like that a lot because I have a chance to put the ball in my hands in another way.  I feel I can put the team in good field position up front, and the guys up there are doing a good job blocking.

I did have some time off yesterday, and I spent it at church and going to True Food.  That's my favorite spot here in San Diego.  I also watched some Olympics.  Usain Bolt is ridiculous! He is the greatest sprinter of all time.  He is out of this world, really.

We get back on the field this afternoon, but I'm really looking forward to practicing with the Cardinals this week.  I've never been part of a joint practice situation like this, so it will be a good experience.

Hope to talk to everyone soon.



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