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"I've Never Been Part of a Group of DBs Like This" by Dwight Lowery

My first training camp here with the Chargers has been real positive.
Personally, I feel so comfortable with what we are doing on defense.  I'm out there playing with these guys and it feels natural.
Believe it or not, this is my ninth training camp.  My favorite part of training camp each year is seeing the progression of our team building.  We are settling in and getting comfortable with each other.  It is something special to see.
This year, my favorite part has just been hanging out with the defensive backs in our down time. If you were to follow us around with a camera, you'd probably have a good TV show!  There are just so many random funny moments all the time. Those guys like to have a good time, and it really helps going through training camp during the "dog days". 
You may not know this, but we DBs all have a group text message we send back and forth.  I've never been part of a group of DBs like this one.  It shows how close we are.  And let me tell you, Brandon Flowers, he's the funniest one on there.  He's funny and he isn't even trying to be funny, and that's the best part about it!
Now my least favorite part is how long the days are.  You can say it's a grind, and if I was younger it wouldn't mean that much to me, but I am older now so I miss my family. So that is when it is good to have that energy from our group.
Also getting to spend this time with the fans has been great.  I love signing those autographs  at camp and hearing how they are welcoming me to this city.  I didn't know what to expect, but those encounters have been positive.  I'm sure there are some fans out there that remember me from San Jose State when we used to dominate San Diego State!  I feel a real connection to being here, and I'm looking forward to going out there and playing how I'm capable of.

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