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"I Know I Made the Right Decision to Sign Here" by Travis Benjamin

We just finished up training camp, and for me, I thought it helped me adjust coming in with a new team.  I found where I fit in, and we got competitive out there. I had to miss some time with some nicks and bruises, but I'm fine.  Being back out there last week, practicing with the Cardinals and being there for my team, I felt good. 

The best part was when I heard that Philip said some good things about me in the media.  He said he liked that comeback route, and I knew it was a good route when I ran it. I was able to get my head around and get the ball, so once I heard he said those things, it helped build our confidence together.  Every time someone like Phil says something good about you, it's a good feeling.

I know I made the right decision to sign here.  I can tell from the mentality of the team, and having 17 with the way he throws the ball and runs the offense, the sky's the limit for us.  I really believe that.

The biggest difference for me between training camp with the Chargers and what I had done with the Browns was coming here knowing I was going to be a starter. This is my first time going into one not competing for a job, but playing the best I can.  It was different and helped me focus in a different way.

We are out of the hotel now and back home, so I get to spend more time with my family.   My little girl loves the water, so she always wants to go there.  She wants to splash and swim all day, so we love it here in San Diego.  My favorite is the zoo!

I'm heading out now to get some lunch, but I want to thank all the fans for your support so far.  I can feel your energy out there in the crowd.  I can't wait for the second game of the season when we can play in front of you in the regular season and get this thing rolling.



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