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How Did Potential Chargers' Draft Targets Fare at the Combine?

Here is a look at how they performed at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Jamal AdamsPosition: Safety
Weight:214 pounds

40 Yard Dash:4.56 seconds
Bench Press:18 reps
Vertical Jump:31.5 inches
Broad Jump: 120.0 inches
3-Cone Drill: 3.96 seconds

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On his best attributes…

"Leadership is definitely my main one. As well as on the field, I can play everything in the back end. Whether that's covering in the slot, playing man-free, being in the A and B gap, filling that hole or locking down tight ends. I feel like I'm versatile to play everything in the back end, and that's what makes me a special player."

On if he should be a top five pick…

"Most definitely. I feel like I'm the best guy in the draft, I definitely feel like I should be the number one pick, so top five (is) definitely in the range."

Taco CharltonPosition: Defensive End
Weight:277 pounds

40 Yard Dash:4.92 seconds
Bench Press:25 reps
Vertical Jump:33.0 inches
Broad Jump: 116.9 inches
3-Cone Drill: 7.17 seconds

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On what sets him apart from other defensive line prospects…

"The thing that sets me apart is I'm versatile. I play a little bit of every position; inside, outside. I've played heavy, I've played light. The thing about me, too, is look at my pass-rush moves, I've done a little of everything. My arsenal is wide. I can stab. I can bull. I can spin. I can speed rush. So, the arsenal I have and the combination of all the positions I've played: three-tech, four-tech, five-tech, weak-side end; all of those things kind of add up to separate me a little bit."

On who he tries to emulate …

"I'm a 6-6 guy, big and strong. So, I study a lot of guys that got that similar body type. Guys like Carlos Dunlap, guys with that similar body size that learn how to use their leverage and use their long arms. So, I studied them just to see how I can use my body. And then I studied the Justin Houston's, the Tamba Hali's, just because the way they use their hands is almost an artwork. And pass rush to me is an artwork a little bit. So, I studied a lot of game film of a lot of different guys to see what I can do."

Corey DavisPosition: Wide Receiver
School:Western Michigan
Weight:209 pounds

Did not participate due to recovery from injury.

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On his injury …

"It's a high ankle sprain. Two ligaments ended up being torn. I had that repaired with surgery six weeks back…Doctor says I'll be full speed by April, will be able to cut and everything by mid-April, so I'll be good."

On why he is the top receiver in the draft…

"I would say a big thing that separates me from them is my work ethic. You can ask any one of my coaches or players; my work ethic is something that sets me apart from anyone in the country. I always put in extra work and that's probably because I have that chip on my shoulder. I work like I'm the worst receiver in the draft, but my confidence is up there and I know I'm that top guy."

Malik HookerPosition: Safety
School:Ohio State
Weight:206 pounds

Did not participate due to recovery from injury.

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On his rehab…

"My medical checks are going really well. I had surgery Jan. 1.  I'm recovering a lot faster than they thought. I'm looking forward to coming back around rookie camp. There's nothing else I could really say about it as of right now, it's just a day to day thing."

On why he should be a top five pick…

"I feel like I'm a special player capable of doing a lot of things. I had a great coaching staff as well behind me to get me to be the player that I am. I was playing with a lot of special players as well, and I feel like every day I went to practice I was competing against the best of the best. I give a lot of credit to the scout team players and also a lot of the starters on the offense, because without them, I wouldn't get half the looks that I had throughout the year."

Ryan RamczykPosition: Offensive Tackle
Weight:310 pounds

Did not participate due to recovery from injury.

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On his versatility…

"I've heard a little bit of everything. Obviously I'm going to play the position the coaches want me to play (and) that's going to help the team out the most. But I've really heard everything from tackle to guard to center. So it's been interesting."

On how one year at Wisconsin prepared him…

"At Wisconsin, obviously run heavy, but we had some play actions. Some five-man protections. We were coached really well at Wisconsin, just working on little fundamentals and constantly improving my game. I think I'll be able to transition into the NFL."

Solomon ThomasPosition: Defensive End
Weight:273 pounds

40 Yard Dash:4.69 seconds
Bench Press:30 reps
Vertical Jump:35.0 inches
Broad Jump: 126.0 inches
3-Cone Drill: 6.95 seconds

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On his best attributes …

"I can rush anywhere. I can play anywhere. I play every down. I'm great stopping the run. Great rushing the quarterback. I'm very versatile. I have toughness. I try to get after every (offensive) lineman and put the fear of God in them and make a play. I'm just trying to get to the quarterback every play, be destructive and wreak havoc."

On what he has to prove most to teams…

"I didn't rush a lot from the edge in college (so) proving I can do that. Prove to them that I'm effective enough to do that. Hopefully I'll be able to do that here and at my Pro Day."

Mike WilliamsPosition: Wide Receiver
Weight:218 pounds

Bench Press:15 reps
Vertical Jump:32.0 inches
Broad Jump: 121.0 inches

Top Quotes

On what separates him from other wide receivers …

"Just the competition we face every week at Clemson. We played a lot of great DBs, a lot of great teams.  The coaches we have at Clemson, I feel like we learn from some of the best."

On why he is so good at contested catches …

"Just the confidence that I have from practice. I just believe if the ball is in the air, it's mine. That's just confidence gained from practice and just going out there every day having fun."

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