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Harbaugh Family Launches the Harbaugh Coaching Academy

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The Harbaugh coaching tree got a little bit bigger on Tuesday.

The Harbaugh family, including Jim — the Chargers Head Coach — announced the launch of the Harbaugh Coaching Academy (HCA), which will serve as an in-depth resource for coaches at any level of any sport.

Harbaugh teamed up with his brother, John, who is the Ravens Head Coach, as well as his father, Jack, a longtime college coach, for HCA. Basketball coach Tom Crean, the Harbaugh's brother-in-law, is also part of the leadership team.

"I think when you get right down to it, at its core, its about my dad. The values and life lessons he instilled in us, both as our coach and our dad, that's what its about," Jim Harbaugh said about HCA. "He stoked our passion for the game, and then as you learn to respect the game and what it takes to be a successful, you in turn learn so much about life.

"When you think about it, football is a microcosm of what life should look like – a meritocracy where people from every conceivable background come together and pull in the same direction for a common goal," Harbaugh continued. "So take that and zoom out. The vast majority of young athletes aren't going to play in college, let alone the NFL.

"But if they learn to respect the game, what it means to be part of a team and how to be successful, those are things that carry you through life. I think that's what the Harbaugh Coaching Academy is," Harbaugh added. "It's about providing insight that not only helps you with the game of football, you can apply it to help navigate life. And all of that is to say I think it's a tribute to my dad's life work that this Academy exists for all to engage in."

John Harbaugh said the mission of HCA is to "support and inspire today's coaches to be their best," no matter what sport they are involved in.

"Our goal is to share the wisdom and experiences of exceptional coaches and leaders with those who want to learn from them," John Harbaugh said. "Collectively, we can reach and empower more people for good than we could on our own."

HCA features a plethora of coaching tools that can be found at at no cost.

The website features informative videos on nearly 20 topics. And while football topics such as offense, defense, recruiting and coaching are covered, HCA also dives deep into mental health, business and parenting, too.

Additional content includes articles and podcasts, with a lengthy list of big-name contributors such as Tony Dungy, Dick Vermeil, Andy Reid, Ed Reed, Jesse Minter and others.

While Jim Harbaugh lends his expertise to HCA, he said his John is the brains behind the operation.

"The Academy is John's vision. He's put in the work, built it out and utilized his platform to be able to create something special," Jim Harbaugh said. "I'm just here to support my big brother in any way, shape or form that I can. Be part of a panel? I'm there. Offer a piece of advise? No problem. Help him with content? Point me to the camera.

"He's my big brother. He's a Harbaugh. There's not a thing I wouldn't do for him…or for that matter my sister Joani, mom, dad, my wife Sarah, my kids, my in-laws, my work family," Harbaugh added. "It's about family. And this Academy, it bears the Harbaugh name, so it certainly falls under the priority of family to me."

Jim Harbaugh returned to the NFL in January as the Chargers Head Coach after leading Michigan to a national championship this past season. He posted a 44-19-1 regular-season record with the 49ers from 2011-14.

John Harbaugh led the Ravens to a win in Super Bowl XLVII and has tallied 11 playoff appearances in 16 seasons since taking over in Baltimore in 2008.

Jack Harbaugh spent 40-plus years as a high school and college coach and won the 2002 I-AA National Championship as Western Kentucky's head coach.

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