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DJ's Mailbag: Keys to Slowing Down the Chiefs


Each week during the season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah will answer fan questions from Instagram.

Below is the Week 3 installment:

What do you see in the Chargers going into Week 3? - @lil_6l4zy

"Well, I see that their problems are all solvable, that's what's encouraging. I mean offensively they've just moved the ball up and down the field, they've gotta find a way to finish drives and eliminate penalties, which is all within their control. I think defensively they've done a nice job, you know the ball might have been moved a little bit last week but they kept the score down. That's what good defenses do, you gotta be able to win games when you hold a team to 20 points, so that's all encouraging."

Do you think we will see more Josh Palmer and Jalen Guyton this week? - hack_attack17

"That's a good question, to me you kind of see what kind of game you find yourself in. I'd like to see the Chargers, if they can, get a little bit more going with their ground game. The unique thing is both those guys can get involved with that a little bit too; you see them involved on some jet sweeps with their speed or even just kind of extended run game with some quick hitters and let them run after the catch. It's a good problem to have if you're the Chargers. There's a lot of mouths to feed, a lot of good players."

What ways will coach Staley's defense look to slow down the Chiefs offense? - jride196

"I think you gotta force the Chiefs to be patient and even force them to run the ball. If you can take away those explosive plays, you gotta eliminate the three-play drives. They're gonna score points, they are gonna move the football, but you've got to be from a defensive standpoint, really, really good as a tackling team and you've gotta keep the ball from sailing over your head. If the Chiefs have some 10-, 12-play drives that result in field goals and touchdowns, you know that's gonna happen, you just gotta eliminate those two- and three-play drives they're famous for."

What are some concrete ways that coaches typically [teach] to limit penalties? - ahn_dgjn

"I think it's just a constant focus and you've gotta be able to show it on the video and you've gotta be able to coach your way through it. It's not as simple as saying, 'Don't do that.' You've gotta be able to show them this is why you got a penalty. A lot of times it's because you're out of position, there's a technique error involved there so if you can fix that, that'll help eliminate those penalties. Because penalties usually happen when you find yourself in a bad position, so how do you avoid getting in those bad positions? That's something you can teach and that's something you can rep on the field."

From what you've seen, why haven't [the Chargers] been able to score in the red zone the last two games? - @kevvvnnn

"It's been a couple different things. You have the turnovers, obviously, and then I think the penalties last week were huge. You're 1st-and-goal at the two [yard line,] you know that's a pretty desirable place to be, and then you have a penalty that knocks you back and that just sets you off track. It's the same two issues that have kind of cropped up here in a couple games, it's red zone, it's not turning the football over and it's staying on schedule and avoiding penalties. Because those just kill you when you get down there."

How do the Chargers fix their red zone offense? - shaglund01

"I think when they get down there in the tight red zone, when they get down in there close, I think this offensive line, especially this interior, can really generate some push. It's a throwing league and the Chargers have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but they also have a guy in Austin Ekeler that can run with power behind his pads and with leverage, and I think maybe you can commit a little bit more to that run game once you get down there inside the tight red zone."

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