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Cryotherapy Brings the Arctic to Chargers Park

Fans at Chargers Park have likely noticed the massive truck next to the main building toward the south side of the facility.

What they might not realize is the Antarctica-like experience going on inside.  

As part of a never ending effort to always find new ways and techniques to aid the players, the Chargers have added a Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber for this year's training camp.  The Bolts hired Cryo Shield, a local company founded by former San Diego Padre and current Chicago White Sox Pitcher James Shields.

Danny Woodhead is one of many players taking advantage of the experience, in which they are exposed to temperatures ranging from minus 166 to minus 202 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes.

"I just like it because it is another good way to take care of your body," he said.  "With the long season, doing stuff like this is important.  I am just trying to take advantage of everything that we have available to us."

So how does it work?

"It gives you a full body rejuvenation by bringing the blood to the core to protect your organs," said Cryo Shield General Manager Brandon Smith.  "It tricks the body into a fight or flight response that flushes that system out.  It gets rid of lactic acids, reduces inflammation and basically rejuvenates the entire body.  The players love it.  It is a quicker version (than) an ice bath where you only have three minutes instead of 20 in the ice. We're excited to be here and help the guys get going throughout camp." 

According to Cryo Shield's website, Whole Body Cryotherapy "is a three-minute treatment using liquid nitrogen vapor…(It) reduces inflammation, heals soreness faster, assists in weight-loss and anti-aging, increases energy by a natural release of endorphins and adrenaline, accelerates metabolism by burning an additional 500-800 calories, flushes toxins in the body, improves muscle plasticity, increases skin clarity and health, improves post-surgical recovery and pain management."

The decision to add Cryotherapy was an easy one for Head Coach Mike McCoy, who said the team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to treating the players.

"We are always trying to find new ways to help our players out.  Some guys have done it in the past and live by it.  There are other guys who are trying it now, and others who have their own rituals with the cold tubs.  It's all a personal preference.  But the whole organization, we're always listening to the players for treatment and trying to find new things they might need."

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