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Corey Liuget Continues Antonio Gates' Holiday Tradition

It's the season of giving, and on Tuesday night, Corey Liuget put the message into action.

For the first time, Liuget hosted his very own Shop with a Charger event as he took over the reins from Antonio Gates.

"It means the world to me to see the expressions on the kids' faces (that) says it all," Liuget said.  "The fact that these kids are going to be able to get a gift and get something that they actually want today; it means the world."

Liuget and some of his teammates treated 50 underprivileged children from the Boys & Girls Club to shopping, dinner and even some games.

Dexter McCoil had a few very special shoppers with him including Dana, age nine and Misty, age six.  As much as the safety loved shopping with the kids, they equally loved how he made them laugh and picked out "Barbies."

The event has special meaning to the defensive end as it causes him to pause and reflect on his own upbringing.

"For me to do this is just because I've been in these kids' situations before. I was sitting in their shoes at one point in time in my life coming from poverty, not having much and not having many holidays. I just hate to see any kids miss a holiday like this one coming up…. Overall, I'm just trying to be the best role model I can be and it's the same thing I want my kids to do."

Even as a rookie, Jatavis Brown knows how important being a part of an event like this is. Especially because he once walked the same path as these kids.

"Once upon a time, I didn't really have blessings either," Brown mentioned. "I never had anybody do this for me so it'll mean a lot for those kids to have someone like me walk around and enjoy Christmas."

To his teammates, it's not surprising to see Liuget head an event like this. Coming out to support him and the children is something they couldn't pass up.

"This is great for all the kids," said Brandon Mebane.  "Just seeing the smiles on their face.  Any time you can be a part of something like this, it's very special.  It's special that Corey has it in his heart to do something like this, especially around this time of year."

"Corey's my teammate and he's a good dude" added McCoil.  "I know it's a great cause and I'm all for giving back to kids and getting into the community to put a smile on these young faces.  If I have the time to come do it, I always love to give back and that's why I'm here."

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