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Chargers Set to Pick Third in NFL Draft

For the first time in 12 years, the Chargers are set to have a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft as they will select third in 2016.

The Bolts tied with the Dallas Cowboys with identical 4-12 records, but win the tiebreaker due to strength of schedule. The Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns own the top two selections.

President of Football Operations John Spanos explained the team's approach to owning the third pick in the draft.

"We are going to be very thorough in our work.  We will analyze every scenario that might exist at number three.  There will be a lot of options, including trading back and executing the pick."

Will the team's process and preparation change as a result of the high selection?

"The first round process may change, but overall a lot of it is going to be the same," he explained.  "I don't think it changes the process too much because you still will be drafting a full seven rounds.  What it will change a little bit is our approach in the first round.  When you are picking 25th overall, you have to come up with 25 names you like.  When you are picking third, you have to come up with three names you like."

A high pick is on everyone's mind, including a certain future Hall of Fame tight end.

"Antonio Gates yesterday got off the bus, and in the locker room he was already asking who we're taking with our first pick," said Head Coach Mike McCoy.  "We have some time and I was like 'Come on, let me take a deep breath, please!  We just finished!'  It'll be a great process.  We'll do a great job, and we have some time before we make those decisions."

The 2016 NFL Draft will take place in Chicago from April 28-30, and the order for the top 20 picks are as follows:

  1. Tennessee Titans       
  1. Cleveland Browns
  1. San Diego Chargers   
  1. Dallas Cowboys           
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars   
  1. Baltimore Ravens       
  1. San Francisco 49ers   
  1. Miami Dolphins           
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers            
  1. New York Giants      
  1. Chicago Bears            
  1. New Orleans Saints 
  1. Philadelphia Eagles  
  1. Oakland Raiders       
  1. St. Louis Rams           
  1. Detroit Lions              
  1. Atlanta Falcons         
  1. Indianapolis Colts     
  1. Buffalo Bills 
  1. New York Jets            
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