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Chargers Provide Update on Philip Rivers' Status

Everyone has anxiously awaited an update on Philip Rivers' status over the past 48 hours since Head Coach Anthony Lynn announced number 17 is in the concussion protocol after self-reporting symptoms on Monday.

While the decision if he plays or not depends on if he passes the necessary tests, Lynn certainly sounded encouraged by his progress thus far.  After all, Rivers was able to take the field on Wednesday.

"He's doing good," Lynn said.  "He'll practice today. He'll be limited. And as he gets better, his workload will increase."

So does he feel better about Rivers' chances of playing?

"Yes, I do."

Still, Lynn adamantly stressed the final decision will be made by doctors as Rivers' health is of the utmost concern.

"I just let the doctors handle it," he said. "And, Philip will be brutally honest with us.  I told him to be honest about this injury. He has been so far, and that's all you can go on."

The Chargers have been impressed by the way Rivers has handled the entire situation.  Take Kellen Clemens for example.

"I think that the move to self-report is admirable," he said. "Concussions, especially the light that's been shone on it the last 10 years, head injuries and things of that nature need to be taken seriously.  So I admire him for the way that he handled it."

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