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Chargers Fans Flock to Canton for LT

It felt like a morning for football.   Instead of the warm, humid weather usually synonymous with the city at this time of year, a cool breeze fell upon downtown Canton for the Canton Repository Grand Parade.

The annual event on Cleveland Avenue features all incoming Pro Football Hall of Famers and even a few gold jacket alumni.  While over 200,000 spectators joined the parade, you could hear the very special chants of "LT!  LT!" roar through the crowd as LT rolled down the street with his presenter, Lorenzo Neal.

"It was amazing!" said Gloria Miller from Dover, Ohio.  "I wanted to get out (on the street) a little bit further, but they actually acknowledged us and we were very, very excited about that!"

"It's awesome (to see him with Lorenzo)," San Diego resident John said.  "He led the way for him all those years and now to have him present him in Canton is awesome. It was neat when we saw them cruise by and all the Chargers fans cheering for him.  I couldn't miss this.  When he retired, I knew he'd be a first-ballot (Hall of Famer) and I had to make it out."

Chargers fans from all over the country flocked to Cleveland Avenue to catch a glimpse of number 21.  One of these was John, an Ohio native and lifelong Chargers fan.  He couldn't attend Junior Seau's induction two years ago and wasn't going to miss seeing LT enter the Hall.

"After watching Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow, and the game where (Winslow) gets carried off the field, I thought, that's my team right there," John said.  "It's been so cool watching stuff that's happening and when the players come by, you can tell this means something to them."

"It's very exciting," Miller added.  "Of course, Hall of Fame week is always exciting, but it's always special when one of my Chargers is being inducted.  We followed the team through Dan Fouts' induction to Junior Seau's induction so we're excited.  LT has had a tremendous career and he seems so humble."

Although he was impressive on the field, these fans agreed LT is an even better person and it's pretty easy to cheer him on.

"His commitment to the community," mentioned Chargers fan Jeanne.  "Just his personality and how he welcomed everyone.  He's a great guy.  He's very personable and approach him so this is our way to honor him."

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