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Celebrate Women's History Month with Carly Gough


Introducing Carly Gough, our Senior Producer!

Tell us a little bit about what you do at the Chargers.

I'm the Senior Producer of Features & Branded Content. I work with a great team focused on our YouTube channel, bringing a mix of long-form features and short-form content to the fans.

Did you always have a desire to work in sports?

I was always a fan of watching sports, but didn't think about working in sports until I hit college and was exposed to some of the possibilities within the industry. There are a ton of different career paths in the world of sports that I had no idea existed. Once I realized I could combine the aspects that I enjoyed as a viewer with my love of videography, it all fell into place.

How'd you get your start?

I was in the journalism school at the University of Oregon and saw an ad on my way to class offering student training with the Pac-12 Networks. I trained with them and learned about the world of broadcast, which led to a video internship with the university's athletic department.

What is the most rewarding part of your job and why?

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is the relationships I've built within the organization. Relationships are everything no matter what industry you work in and working towards a common goal with people is special. The other most rewarding part of my job is seeing creative projects go from a simple idea to a complete piece for the world to see. There are a lot of moving parts and work going on behind the scenes to bring these things to life, so being able to watch our work impact even one person in a positive way is awesome.

Tell us about a woman that has inspired you and/or impacted your career today.

Madison Williams is one of my closest friends along with one of the women who has inspired and impacted me the most in my career. We worked very closely together at Clemson and her creativity, talent, passion, and adaptability always stood out. She helped me grow as a creative and as a professional and continues to inspire countless others through her work and how she handles herself.

Real or fake, dead or alive, who is one woman would you want to have dinner with? Why?

Terri Irwin - I've always been a huge fan of the conservation work her family has done and think the passion that she has for her work is inspiring. She's a great example of not just talking the talk but walking the walk and pouring yourself into whatever it is that you love doing.

What advice do you have for those trying to get into sports/starting their career in the sports industry?

Try not to judge an opportunity based off the position's title or the logo you'd be associated with. Good work is good work and if you are going about your business with the right intentions and treating the people around you well, that's what gets noticed more than working at what may feel like the top school/organization right from the beginning.

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