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Celebrate Black History Month with Louis Clark


Introducing Louis Clark, our Senior Director of Pro Personnel!

Tell us a little bit about what you do at the Chargers.

I'm the Senior Director of Pro Personnel. I'm responsible for providing our coaching staff with a scouting report about our upcoming opponents each week along with Denny Abraham and Tyler Lyon. We evaluate all NFL, CFL, UFL and all other professional leagues. In addition, I assist with evaluating college prospects.

How did you get started?

After my playing career was over, I transitioned into coaching with the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe in 1996. Then I transitioned into scouting with the Jacksonville Jaguars for 16 years starting in 1997. In 2013 I moved on to the Philadelphia Eagles for 3 years and in 2016 I came to the Chargers.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The people I work with and developing lifelong friendships. Seeing them develop and becoming a major part of the Chargers organization and the community.

Any advice for those trying to get a job in sports?

Follow your dream and have a passion for what you're going after! Don't give up because for any good thing worth having, you have to put in the time and effort.

Dead or alive, which important figures in Black History would you want to have dinner with?

Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, President Obama, Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson.

Tell us about a person who has inspired you and/or impacted your career today.

My parents, they provided me with all I needed to pursue my dream. They always told me to put God first and everything else will fall into place.

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