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Bolts Look to Rekindle 2013 Magic

It was only four seasons ago that the Chargers had a less than a one-percent chance to make the playoffs in the final weeks of December.

They'd just won two games to get back to 7-7 with two remaining, but needed to win out and and have numerous other games around the league go a certain way in order to clinch the final Wild Card seed.

They did just that.

Not only did they make the playoffs, but the Bolts went on the road to Cincinnati, where the Bengals had not lost all year, and defeated the AFC North Champions in the Wild Card round.

There are still a few players and coaches around from that 2013 team, and they admitted a certain level of déjà vu as they enter the final two weeks of the season needing to win out while getting some help.

As such, they're trying to rekindle that same magic when a hot Chargers team found their way into the postseason before doing some damage.

"A couple of us who were here kind of said it feels like that again," Philip Rivers acknowledged on Wednesday. "It feels like that. Obviously, we had the hiccup on Saturday, but we were at this point, playing pretty good in '13, and we found a way to get in and ended up winning a playoff game in Cincinnati. It feels kind of like that. Obviously, we know a lot of things have to happen. Again, they all include us winning. That's what our big focus is; not really worrying about (what other games need to go right. Not) letting that affect us – just control what we can control."

"This brings back memories," added Jahleel Addae, who was a rookie in 2013.  "I remember being in the locker room getting ready to play Kansas City, seeing all the teams we needed to lose, lose.  It can easily end up like that.  So we need to control only what we can, and that's winning these last two."

While the odds aren't as drastic as they were four years ago, since numerous permutations can get the Bolts into the playoffs, they all require one thing – winning their final two games against the Jets and Raiders.

"That's the one that's in all of them," Rivers said.  "I think the path there, all of them including us winning, isn't that crazy. There've been crazier paths to get in. But again, if you get distracted by that and don't take care of your business and if all the things happen that needed to happen, then you're even sicker. I think it's key for us to focus on just trying to find a way to win this week."

Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt echoed Rivers' sentiments, explaining how the team needs to cut through the outside noise and worry only about what they can control.

"I think in 2013 it was the same way," he said.  "We have to control what we can control.  You have to try to win your games.  That's not easy.  It's never easy in this league.  Everybody says just win the last two.  Well, it's hard.  We're going up against a (New York team) that has good football players.  You've got to always continue to work hard.  But the big thing is we've got a chance.  So, that's the big thing.  You're saying we've got a chance?  I'm good with that."

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