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Anthony Lynn Holding Players Accountable After "Sluggish" Practice

While Head Coach Anthony Lynn has been pleased with the work the Bolts put in throughout the offseason, he didn't mince words following the first practice of the team's three-day mini camp.

"It didn't look very good today," he stated matter-of-factly. "(I) wasn't very pleased with the standard today."

Lynn made it clear he'd demand accountability from the moment he was named head coach in January. What he saw on Tuesday was simply unacceptable.

"We just looked sluggish. Committed some fouls. Things that get you beat. Things we haven't done all offseason… We don't make excuses. We had a long weekend, but that's no reason. Come back fresher. Don't come back sluggish."

So what did the head coach tell the team once practice came to an end?

"I probably can't say that on camera."

The sluggish practice took Lynn by surprise after what he's dubbed an outstanding offseason.  Still, when he sees the players not living up to the standard he expects, nor what they showed over the past few months, he made it clear he's going to let them know.

It doesn't matter if it's a mini camp practice in June, a training camp rep in August or in the heat of a regular season game; Lynn expects his team to play up to snuff at all times.

"Practices have been outstanding this offseason," he explained. "They set the standard. They set the expectations all along. They just didn't do it today. Too many mistakes. Too many penalties. Not enough energy."

Lynn's response is exactly what Philip Rivers expected from the no-nonsense coach who is nothing if not authentic.

"One thing we've found out early on from Coach Lynn is that he's matter of fact (and) to the point," he said. "We have to bounce back this afternoon, have a good walkthrough and have a better day tomorrow."

Luckily, the Bolts still have two more days of mini camp to end the offseason program on a high note.  Lynn explained what he hopes to accomplish before the team parts ways for the next month.

"Just continue our communication," he said. "Continue learning our system and just learning one another. I think that's important for team chemistry (because) when you get to training camp, you just don't have time to stop and do those things."

The Los Angeles Chargers take the field to kick off mini camp.

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