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Andy Reid Explains Keenan Allen's Best Quality

Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs is the second divisional match for the Bolts this season.

While the Chiefs are 2-0, a win on Sunday won't come easy for the Chargers; however, Kansas City Head Coach Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith know their team is in for a fight.

"I think they're a good football team, first of all," Reid said.  "They've obviously been right there at the end of the game and have put themselves in positions to win…. That's a tough thing to do in this league.  I see that they're well-coached and they've got good players."

"They can mix it up," Smith mentioned when discussing the Bolts defense. "But they play fast. They're a physical group. They know what they're doing; there's not many (missed assignments).  They rarely get tricked. Their eyes are all on a good spot….  They're well coached, like I said. And I think when all 11 guys are on the same page, good things happen.  And certainly, that's what is going on with these guys right now."

With Smith and Reid in their fifth seasons in KC, they've seen their fair share of competition in the AFC West. However, the current state of the division might be the most heated.  Three teams are 2-0 and as Smith said on Wednesday, "I don't know if I've evert seen anything like this….  The Chargers are two kicks away from being 2-0."

"I love the fact that that's what this is right now," Reid added.  "That's a tribute to the organizations and the coaches and players who are playing there.  It's great football and you love that part."

With four touchdowns, one pick and a 73.6 completion percentage, Philip Rivers is playing great football.  Reid knows this and also knows how special number 17 is after coaching him in the 2017 Pro Bowl. After sharing a story on how Rivers left after Pro Bowl practice to hop on a plane and attend a father-daughter dance that he could not miss, to then return to practices and play in the game, Reid calls Rivers "a pleasure to be around".

Still, he knows his defense is in for a challenge on Sunday.

"You're probably not going to surprise him.  He's been doing this a long time.  The thing that kind of amazes me about the guy is that it doesn't matter who you put in with him, he's going to come in and say we're going to get after it.  No matter who is playing for him, or who he's playing against, that's how he approaches a game."

One player ready to make his mark against the Chiefs in Keenan Allen as the wideout is back after missing almost all of the 2016 season with a torn ACL suffered in Week 1 against KC.  Coming off his first 100-yard game since 2015, Allen has returned to form, so defending him is top of mind for Reid. 

"He's a great route-runner, that's what he is.  He's got tools, too.  But I think he's one of the better route-runners in this league.  He's got a lot of other things but if you had to just say (one), he's a crisp route runner."

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