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Chargers Champions School Grant Recipients
Scripps Ranch High School $80,000- Synthetic Field & Track
Southwest High School $75,000- Weight Room Equipment
Clairemont High School $75,000- Weight Room Equipment/Sand Volleyball Courts
Helix Charter High School $75,000- Weight Room Equipment
Mission Bay High School $75,000- Weight Room Equipment
Kearny Educational Complex $75,000- Weight Room/Fitness Room
San Pasqual Academy $75,000- Football Uniforms/Equipment
Monte Vista High School $70,000- Weight Room Equipment
Rancho Buena Vista High School $70,000- Weight Room Equipment
Castle Park High School $70,000- Weight Room Equipment/Fitness Center
Bonita Vista High School $67,500- Weight Room Equipment
Granite Hills High School $65,000- Weight Room Equipment
Sweetwater High School $63,000- Football/Weight Room Equipment
Crawford High School $60,000- Weight Room Equipment
Escondido High School $55,000-Fitness Equipment /Scoreboard
Calvin Christian School $55,000- Weight Room/ Football Equipment
Mar Vista High School $51,000- Fitness Center
Mira Mesa High School $50,000- Weight Room Equipment
Crawford High School $50,000- Fitness Center
Montgomery High School $50,000- Fitness Center
El Cajon Valley High School $50,000- Outdoor Fitness Area/Equipment
Serra High School $50,000- Weight Room Equipment
San Ysidro High School $47,000- Weight Room Expansion
Hilltop High School $45,000- Indoor Rowing Project
John Muir (K-12) $45,000- Fencing/Sheds/Archery Center
Mountain Empire High School $45,000- Football/Track/Baseball Equipment
KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy $40,000- Field Equipment/Courts
Knox Middle School $40,000- Outdoor Fitness Center
De Portola Middle School $40,000- Rock Wall/ Fitness Room Equipment
Woodrow Wilson Middle School $40,000- Indoor Fitness Center
Wangenheim Middle School $40,000- Indoor Fitness Center
Castle Park Middle School $40,000- Outdoor Fitness Challenge Course
Cajon Valley Day School $40,000- Outdoor Fitness Area/ Equipment
Granger Jr. High School $40,000- Fitness Center
Taft Middle School $40,000- Cardio/Fitness Room
La Presa Middle School $40,000- Outdoor Fitness Center
National City Middle School $40,000- Fitness Center
Roosevelt Middle School $40,000- Fitness Lab Equipment
Monroe Clark Middle School $37,000- Fitness Center
Pacific Beach Middle School $35,000- Cycling Center/Program
Del Dios Middle School $35,000- Fitness Center/Gymnastics Mats
Holtville High School $35,000- Fitness Equipment
Lewis Middle School $30,000- Indoor Fitness Room
Zamorano Elementary School $30,000- Fitness Equipment/Railyard Course
Laurel Elementary School $30,000- Running Track
Edison Elementary School $30,000- Fitness Equipment/Railyard Course
Nye Elementary School $30,000- Playground Renovation
Lincoln Elementary School $30,000- Running Track
Carlton Oaks School $30,000- Outdoor Fitness Structure
Highlands Elementary School $30,000- Fitness Structure
Bay Park Elementary School $30,000- Fitness Area for Visually Impaired Students
El Camino High School $30,000- Fitness Equipment
Mission Elementary School $30,000- Running Track/Heart Monitors
Myrtle Finney Elementary School $30,000- Running Track/ 10 Station Fitness Course
Horace Mann Middle School $30,000- Fitness Center
Mt. Vernon Elementary School $30,000- Grass Fitness Turf Field
Sunset View Elementary School $30,000- Fitness Track
Kit Carson Elementary School $30,000- Football/Multi- Purpose Field
Perry Elementary School $29,000- Playground Renovation
Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary School $29,000- Fitness Lab Equipment
Hilltop Elementary School $28,000- Outdoor Fitness Cluster Equipment
Cubberley Elementary School $27,000- Asphalt Play Area/Basketball Courts
Kieiller Middle School $27,000- Fitness Lab
Gage Elementary School $26,000- Fitness Equipment
Rosebank Elementary School $26,000- Fitness Trail
Palmquist Elementary School $25,000- Running Track
Tierra Del Sol Middle School $25,000- Weight/Fitness Room Equipment
Patrick Henry High School $25,000- Wrestling/Aerobics Room Matting
Jefferson Middle School $25,000- Physical Fitness Equipment
Bell Jr. High School $25,000- PipeLine Fitness Route/Multi-Purpose Gym
Greenfield Middle School $25,000- Weight/Circuit Training
Pacific Beach Middle School $25,000- Fitness Trail/Rock Climbing
Monarch School $24,000- Artificial Turf Play Area
Murray Manor Elementary School $23,000- SPARKS Training/Equipment
Diegueno Middle School $22,000- Outdoor Fitness Center
Washington Middle School $22,000- Aquatic Equipment
San Pasqual Academy $21,000- Fitness Equipment
Rogers Elementary School $21,000- Running Track/ Fitness Stations
Encanto Elementary School $20,000-Indoor Fitness Room/Outdoor Equipment
Hoover High School $20,000- Equipment Program
Julian Junior High School $20,000- Fitness Supplies
Morse High School $20,000- Active Healthy School Program
Hage Elementary School $20,000- Fitness Equipment
Darnall Elementary School $20,000- Fitness Equipment
Mckinley Elementary School $20,000- Fitness Trail/Equipment
Pacifica Elementary School $20,000-Fit Trail/ Traversing Wall
Discovery Elementary School $18,500- Running Track
Washington Elementary School $18,000- Basketball Courts/Fitness Equipment
San Dieguito High School Academy $18,000- Outdoor Fitness Center
Christa McAuliffe Elementary School $17,000- Running Track
San Elijo Middle School $16,000- Patch Course
Howard Pence Elementary School $16,000- Pebble Flex Cushion System
Grant Math-Science Magnet School $16,000- Traversing Climbing Wall
Holy Family School $15,000- Sports Equipment/ Uniforms
Del Rio Elementary School $15,000- Physical Education Equipment
Horton Elementary School $15,000- Indoor Fitness Room Equipment
Libby Elementary School $15,000- Fitness Course/Equipment
Paradise Hills Elementary School $15,000- Fitness Trail
Alcott Elementary School $14,000- Action Based Learning Lab
Cajon Park Elementary School $13,000- Sports Equipment
Carlsbad High School $11,000- Sober Graduation Night
El Cajon Valley High School $11,000- Leadership Building Activities
Escondido Charter High School $11,000- Back to the Basics
Excelsior Academy $11,000- Special Needs Equipment
La Mirada Elementary School $11,000- Leadership Development
Monarch School $11,000- Leadership Development
Montgomery Middle School $11,000- Leadership Development
Parkway Middle School $11,000- Whole Child Program
Roosevelt Middle School $11,000- Peer Mediation Program
Southwest High School $11,000- Reading Materials
Harbor Summit $11,000- Reading Sets
Adobe Bluffs Elementary School $11,000- Leadership Development
Aseltin School $11,000- Leadership Development
Borrego Springs Elementary School $11,000- Leadership Development
Hoover High School $11,000- Leadership Development
Nubia Leadership Academy $11,000- Leadership Development
O'Farrell Community School $11,000- Leadership Development
River Valley High School $11,000- Leadership Development
Rosebank Elementary School $11,000- Leadership Development
Sweetwater High School $11,000- Leadership Development
Westwood Elementary School $11,000- Leadership Development
Wilson Middle School $11,000- Leadership Development
King Chavez Athletics Academy $10,000- Fitness Tracking Wristbands
Porter Elementary School $10,000- Fitness Equipment
Alpine Elementary School $9,000- Exercise Mats/ Fitness Equipment
Rincon Middle School $9,000- Dance, Dance, Revolution Program
Bay Park Elementary School $8,000- Refurbish Outdoor Fitness Area
Paradise Hills Elementary School $8,000- 10 Station Fitness Trail
Joyner Elementary School $6,000- Fitness Equipment
Scripps Ranch High School $5,500.00- Football Equipment
Lakeside Farms Elementary School $5,000- Core Strength Equipment
Ross Elementary School $4,000- Physical Education Equipment
Sunset Hills Elementary School $3,000- Healthy Snack Tables
Valley Center High School $3,000- Body Composition Analyzer
Emerson Bandini Elementary School $2,500- Lap Tracking Equipment
Silver Strand Elementary School $2,500- Lap Tracking Equipment
Silver Strand Elementary School $2,500- Lap Tracking Equipment
Richland Elementary School $2,500- Lap Tracking Equipment
Ada Harris Elementary School $2,400- Salad Bar
North Park Elementary School $2,000- Fitness Equipment
Carrillo Elementary School $1,000- Running Club
Richland Elementary School $1,000- Physical Fitness Equipment