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About Alex Spanos All-Star Classic


The region's best senior high school football players square-off in the annual Alex Spanos All-Star Classic. This annual high-spirited match-up between North and South schools is made possible through the long-time generosity of the Spanos family and the dedicated work of the High School Sports Association. Please join us for the longest-running high school all-star football game in California, the Alex Spanos All-Star Classic! Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2022 Alex Spanos All-Star Classic game.

FINAL SCORE OF THE 2021 31st ANNUAL GAME: North 35, South 6

2021 Alex Spanos Classic

2022 Alex Spanos All Star Classic

Series Record and History

Series Record & History: 15-11 in favor of the North, since switching to a North vs South format.

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2021North - 35South -6
2019North- 44South- 7
2018North- 23South- 17
2017North- 47South- 30
2016North- 48South- 17
2015South- 28North- 0
2014South- 21North- 17
2013South- 41North- 7
2012South- 14North- 10
2011South- 27North- 7
2010North- 23South- 3
2009South- 10North- 6
2008North- 14South- 7
2007South- 14North- 0
2006South- 20North- 19
2005North- 28South- 7
2004South- 43North- 7
2003North- 20South- 14
2002North- 16South- 13
2001North- 31South- 26
2000South- 10North- 7
1999North- 44South- 16
1998North- 40South- 7
1997South- 14North- 7
1996North- 23South- 0
1995North- 24South- 23