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Dick Lewis

Director of Community Outreach


Lewis was named Director of Community Outreach in 2012 after spending 26 years as Director of Security.

He began a weekly tradition of taking players and coaches to serve meals to the homeless and expanded the program by incorporating teens and young adults currently receiving drug rehabilitation treatment at the McAllister Institute. He also takes players to visit hospitals and police dispatch centers, and he helps them become mentors to troubled teens. In 2010, the Salvation Army honored Lewis with its Partners in Mission Award for his dedication to helping the homeless.

Lewis joined the Chargers full-time in 1989 upon retirement from the San Diego Police Department as a patrol officer. He was a member of the department’s school task force and an assistant to the Chief of Police for community relations. Highly regarded for his work in keeping a lid on racial tension and gang activities during the ’70s and ’80s, Lewis was honored by the San Diego Police Museum in February 2010 during Black History Month.

From 1955-68, Lewis was a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Navy serving with the Marines. He performed two 13-month tours in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, earning numerous accolades, including a Purple Heart, a Vietnam Service Medal, and three National Defense & Good Conduct Awards.

Born in Bay City, Texas, Lewis attended Hilliard High School. He earned bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in law from Cabrillo Pacific University.

He is the lead vocalist in “Time Out,” an R&B band featuring members of the team’s security staff.

Lewis resides in Ramona with his daughter, Roshaun and grandson, Jeremy.