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"I Hear the Hype, But I Tune It Out" by Tyrell Williams

So far in my second training camp I'm feeling a lot more confident.  I feel faster, so I feel good.  I'm ready to go and ready for the season. When I'm on the field, it has all slowed down so I can figure things out better.  I see my role this year as helping out any way I can.  That could mean taking the top off the defense or contributing on special teams.  I just want to help and make plays any way I can.

I get asked a lot if I hear the hype on how I'm playing. I do hear the hype, but I tune it out.  I still have a lot to improve on.  I feel like I am making plays, but I know I have a lot to get better at.  I have a lot of work to do.  I need to get into the playbook more because I want to make even more plays.  So I'm not buying into it just yet.

I also get asked sometimes what I think of the TyRandy Williams nickname some have given me on Twitter.  I think that is crazy! That's way over top and ridiculous!  Randy Moss is one of the better receivers out there.  I appreciate the love, but that is way too out there to even make any kind of comparison like that!  It's wild, but I do appreciate the support.  I never would have imagined people saying those things when I signed after going undrafted last year.

Now I don't get a lot of down time, but when I do, I SLEEP!  I slept a lot during our off day on Sunday.  I have a lot of family in town right now so I try to see them as much as I can, but it's hard because we are so busy during camp.  We did grab lunch at Buon Appetito in Little Italy.  That's my favorite spot in San Diego.  You've gotta check it out!

It's time to get out on the field now and get to work. This is a big preseason game coming up, so I'm looking forward to seeing where I'm at!


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