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Chargers in the Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame was established in 1963 to honor the heroes of the game, preserve the history of professional football, promote the Pro Football Hall of Fame's values, and celebrate excellence everywhere.

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NamePosition (Years Active)Year Inducted
Lance AlworthWide Receiver (1962-1970, Chargers; 1971-1972, Cowboys)1978
Ron MixTackle (1960-1969, Chargers; 1971, Raiders)1979
Sid GillmanCoach (1955-1959, Rams; 1960-1971, Chargers; 1973-1974, Oilers)1983
Dan FoutsQuarterback (1973-1987)1993
Kellen WinslowTight End (1979-1987)1995
Charlie JoinerWide Receiver (1969-1972, Oilers; 1972-1975, Bengals; 1976-1986, Chargers)1996
Fred DeanDefensive End (1975-1981, Chargers; 1981-1985, 49ers)2008
Junior SeauLinebacker (1990-2002, Chargers; 2003-2005, Dolphins; 2007-2009, Patriots)2015
LaDainian TomlinsonRunning Back (2001-2009, Chargers; 2010-2011, Jets)2017
Bobby BeathardGeneral Manager (1978-1988, Redskins; 1990-2000, Chargers)2018